Review: Uniform Desire

Uniform Desire
By Layla Chase

Rikka is fighting her secret desire for guys in uniform, even if the fire department had been called four times since moving to Arroyo, a small west Texas town. They’re just accidents that keep happening. Newly installed Captain Malloy arrives to investigate the incident and observes her fascination with the working crew. Sparks fly and they succumb to the lust until interruptions pull them apart. After another interaction ends similarly, Connor makes a plan to explore their feelings. Can he convince Rikka the sparks between them are more than her fetish?

This was such a fun read, I found myself flipping back to the beginning to start it over. I found that I wanted to experience it all over again. All I could think was, “Well, how cool is that?”

Rikka is a hilarious heroine who had me snickering from the beginning. By day she’s a modest school teacher, by night–well any other time actually–she’s obsessed. With what? With men in uniform. It doesn’t matter what kind of uniform, although she seems to have a preference for firefighters. Who can blame her, really? At the beginning of this story she has decided that she will overcome this… weakness, and behave herself. That is until a glorious mishap, something she is notorious for, brings the fire department to her backyard as well as the new Captain of the Fire Department to her door with routine questions. Suddenly, her good intentions go out the window!

Conor is the new Captain of the Fire Department and he is determined to find out why Rikka seems to be so accident prone. Entirely routine, of course. Can he help it if he has a weakness for redheads with green eyes and freckles? He goes along for the ride when Rikka gets all hot and bothered by his authority mixed with his uniform. He soon finds, though, that he doesn’t want to be another in her line of “men in uniform”, and decides he’s going to stake his claim.

This short story was fun and had me laughing at Rikka’s over-the-top behavior. Knowing you have a problem and being truly willing to do something about it are two different things, and the riotous situations that emerge kept me extremely entertained. The sex was hot and fulfilling, not to mention believable. The sequence of events was entirely believable, which is unexpected in such a short story. Not once did I find myself wondering how we had come to that point. This was a very enjoyable read and I would recommend it for a quick, fun read that will raise your temperature.

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Reviewed by Viscaria

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