Review: Santa Knows I’m Naughty

Santa Knows I’m Naughty
by Tessa Rae

Aimee was a very bad girl this year. Girls this naughty don’t get lumps of coal for Christmas. They get large, bruising, wicked toys from their husbands. But why did Aimee’s husband, Nathan, buy her the toy? Is he tired of playing with her? Has he found a new playmate? When Aimee confronts her husband, determined to force the answer from him, he seizes her new toy and changes the rules to the game.

Is Nathan’s gift more than Aimee can handle? Or will they wear the batteries down before New Year’s?

The whole “Santa” aspect of the story seemed limited to the first line and the end thought. I didn’t feel like it was nearly integrated enough to warrant being the title. It seemed tagged on to me. This story is mostly about a woman so hot for her husband that she uses the amazing vibrator he bought for her while he’s away. They are relatively newly married, and, apparently, go at it like bunnies, because she can’t handle it when he hasn’t satisfied her for the few days before he leaves.

I do wish I had known before reading how much of the sex was going to be masturbation. Really all of the encounters, except the last one, were Aimee playing with the toy, or herself, on her own. That’s just not my preference in erotic romance stories. Also, the final sexual experience with Nathan seemed a bit adversarial and out of place. I wanted it to either be about the toy, or be more Dominant/Submissive with the husband’s and wife’s interactions; with both subjects being there in such a short story it weakened both by being less cohesive.

Still, I really liked the heroine. I felt her emotions were right on target. I liked the small side-note her sister made as a secondary character, too. There were some funny moments, too, which were well developed. I liked her reactions, too. Nathan was also well-written in terms of his motivations.

Review by Aster

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