Rebellious Ward by Joan Wolf

Rebellious Ward by Joan Wolf
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower


Only a girl as captivating as Catriona MacIan could have overcome the scandal of her birth to shine as the most sought-after young lady of the London Season.

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Only a girl as stubborn as Catriona would have persisted in adoring the one man she could not have—the brilliant and iron-willed Duke of Burford, the guardian who saw her every fault and was so blind to all else…

The Rebellious Ward was ecstatically amazing. Why? It was everything to me. It even had an epilogue. I love a book that includes an epilogue. It’s like the cherry on top. It’s an imperative ingredient necessary to create a long lasting book glow.

The main characters in The Rebellious Ward are Catriona and Edmund. They actually were twelve years apart in age but Catriona was mature beyond her years. I didn’t have an issue with the age gap especially since their romance was sweet and innocent. I found their relationship to be be heartwarming, fun and entertaining. The cast of characters were well developed and relatable. I felt bad for Marquis of Hampton and would love to see him have a book of his own. I really enjoyed the guest appearance of Ian and Frances.

The writing, pace, and plot were all spot on. I can’t think of any constructive criticism of any kind regarding this novel. I loved how the story started and ended at the same scene. The book began with a prologue and consisted of twenty three chapters with a Part One and a Part two and ended with an epilogue. It all hit my feel good spots. The whole story was engaging, riveting, and original.

I’m starting to think that Joan Wolf is eclipsing all my other favorite authors. If you have never heard of Joan Wolf then I can’t impress enough to give her a chance. If you love historical romance like me then The Rebellious Ward is one I confidently recommend.

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