Out of Bounds by Dawn Ryder

Out of Bounds by Dawn Ryder
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (219 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Power may be best when it’s shared…

He’s used to dominating…

Tarak Nektosha is a self-made man, against all odds. He accomplished that by making sure he’s the one in charge, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

She’s taking her power back…

Sabra Donovan has ambition to spare and energy to burn. So what if her last lover was a disappointment? She’s never going to be anyone’s plaything ever again.

Sabra’s outstanding performance at a corporate photo op attracts Tarak’s attention, and the lines begin to blur. What happens when the one on top surrenders and the one used to obeying begins to call the shots?

Sexy with a capital S.

I like reading books by new to me authors. Dawn Ryder was one of those authors, but she’s not new to me any longer. Out of Bounds is a hot novel, packed with steam and excitement.

Most of the book flowed well, but there were moments where the transitions between the chapters weren’t smooth. I filled in the blanks in my mind as to what the author meant, but I think a little more detail and polish would go a long way.

That said, there are some great characters in this book. Sabra knows what she wants and is fully out to get it. I liked her confidence. It made me root for her.

Tarak is an alpha and very sexy. The only thing about him is he’s a tad more arrogant than alpha, but it worked for him. He needed to be in control. I could respect him, even if there were times I didn’t like him.

The only other thing was the ending. I’m not giving anything away, but I had to go back and reread a few times to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. It went by a tad fast. Still, I’m glad I read this book. It’s guaranteed to bring the heat.

If you want a book that’s white hot and interesting, then this might be the book for you.

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