NUTSI Wants to Catch the Moon by Emma Paidge

NUTSI Wants to Catch the Moon by Emma Paidge
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Childrens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (32 pages)
Age Recommendation: 3+
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

NUTSI has a terrible secret. He asks his friend Lili for help. Meet our two little squirrels in a beautiful story with the funny stuffed hazelnut.

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There was so much empathy in this tale. Nutsi’s secret had to do with something that kids can often be embarrassed about. I won’t give away what it was in this review, but I will say that I was impressed with how kind Lili was after he shared his problem with her. Her reaction was exactly how I’d hope any child, or in this case a squirrel, would be treated after admitting something that was such a sensitive topic to them. She was a wonderful role model.

Only one thing held me back from giving this a perfect rating, and it had to do with what Nutsi and Lili did in order to help him fight his fear. Their plan involved the two of them leaving the house late at night without telling anyone where they went. If this had been written for an older audience, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. With that being said, the importance of not going out alone, especially at night, would be something I’d want to talk about with a child this age after reading this story to them. While it’s a great way to get a plot moving, it’s also something I’d want to make sure the preschoolers in my life weren’t going to try to imitate.

Ms. Paidge has a vivid imagination that shone through every scene. I appreciated all of the plot twists she included. They were obviously tailored to young children, but they were so unique when compared to most of the other picture books I’ve read over the years that I’ll be keeping this author in mind for the next time someone asks for a recommendation for this age group. She knows how to keep her audience on their toes in a good way, and it shows.

NUTSI Wants to Catch the Moon was an adorable adventure that I’d recommend to kids of all ages.

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