Nora’s Promise by Sedona Hutton

Nora’s Promise by Sedona Hutton
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full (398 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

She trusts animals more than men. He runs through women like tires. Will an orphaned child force them to change gears?

With her sister’s death, Nora’s life changed in an instant. Forced to raise her orphaned nephew, the animal rescuer doesn’t expect to be dumped and fired by her kid-hating boyfriend/boss. After her own close call and a message from beyond, Nora introduces the little boy to his handsome, fast-living absentee father.
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Davey Johnson is a hot-shot NASCAR driver who never wanted to be slowed down by fatherhood. But when he finds out he has a nine-year-old son, he vows to be a better father than his old man. When his first efforts fail in a big way, he enlists Nora’s parenting help. But what starts as a chore transforms into something way hotter than a final lap.

When Davey’s sponsors clash with Nora’s vegan ways, he’s forced to choose between his passion for racing and his love of Nora. Will they be able to blend their lives or will their romance run right off the track?

Let me say up first that I love the characters in this book! Ms. Hutton has done a wonderful job creating three-dimensional characters who are flawed, yet looking for the right path to take.  The main characters, Nora and Davey, have a chemistry that I love and, once they get together (hey, this is a romance so that’s not a spoiler), their times together are scorching.

But true love doesn’t run smooth and this is never truer than in a romance novel.  Nora has a lot of demons from her past that she finds hard to get past, despite advice from everyone to “live in the now.” And, she is a strident vegan which puts throws a spanner in the romantic works due to the fact that one of Davey’s sponsors is a huge hunting outfitter.  At times, the vegan/vegetarian message gets a little too preachy – I enjoyed it better when she and Ben led by example. But, this was a very small quibble with an otherwise really neat story.

A couple of my favorite parts were Nora’s gift with animals as well the well-timed appearances of her Pap- the only man who was ever constant in her life.  Pap came close to being my favorite character of all!

The writing was very good and I stayed up way too late to finish the book.  Good job, Ms. Hutton. I’ll definitely be looking for more books by this author in the future.


  1. Bea LaRocca says

    Congratulations on this nice Review! I love the cover and synopsis. This sounds like a must read for me.

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. James Robert says

    Great post and I appreciate getting to find out about another great book. Thanks for all you do and for the hard work you put into this. Greatly appreciated!

  4. Thanks for the great review, Rose, and a big thanks to Long and Short Reviews for hosting this tour.

    If there are any questions about Nora’s Promise, I’m happy to entertain them. Otherwise, wishing everyone a beautiful day! 🙂 Sedona

  5. Sounds like a good book.

  6. Gwendolyn Jordan says

    Sounds good

  7. Bernie Wallace says

    How long did it take you to write your book? Congrats on the release.

    • Hi Bernie – It took about a year in total, although some of that time overlapped with my first book, Cloud Whispers, a women’s fiction novel that I published in March. I was creating Nora’s Promise while getting Clouds ready to be released and I was working with my editor at the same time. 2018 has been a busy but productive year. Thanks for the congrats. Hope you’re having a wonderful week – Sedona

  8. Looks interesting. Would love to win!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway; I like the excerpt. 🙂

  10. Sounds really great.

  11. Thanks to everyone who is participating in the NORA’S PROMISE tour. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing one of my favorite quotes: “Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds us to give thanks and to count our blessings. Suddenly, so many things become so little when we realize how blessed and lucky we are.” – Joyce Giraud. Wishing everyone a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving – Sedona

  12. Angelica Dimeo says

    what a romantic cover

    • Thanks, Angelica. I’m pretty fond of the cover too. It was created by Lori Follett at Hell Yes Design. Thanks for the feedback; I’ll pass it along. Happy Thanksgiving – Sedona

  13. Bernie Wallace says

    Would you ever like to see a movie made out of your book? I hope your book is a success.

    • Hi Bernie – Thanks for the great question. I think Nora’s Promise would make a fabulous movie. It has family drama, humor, New Age themes like “living in the now,” and of course, lots of romance! Maybe someday… 🙂 Thanks so much for the well-wishes. Happy Thanksgiving Eve – Sedona

  14. Great

  15. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Kim BookJunkie says

    I can’t wait to find out what Nora promises!!!

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