Night of the Owl by Judith Sterling

Night of the Owl by Judith Sterling
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full length (228 pages)
Heat Rating: spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

PhD student Ardyth Nightshade has renounced men and pursues her twentieth-century career with single-minded focus. When fate whisks her to medieval England, she meets her match in a man whose passions mirror her own. Can she sacrifice ambition for a love she never sought?

Hugh, Lord Seacrest confounds all who know him. He refuses to marry without a meeting of minds and hearts, and no lady has even approached his ideal…until Ardyth. But she’s an odd one, with unique skills, shocking habits, and total conviction she needs no man. She also harbors secrets, and in the midst of rumors, plots, and murder, trust is fragile.

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When vintage meets historical you get Ardyth, a PhD student in Medieval studies living in the 1980s. She gets a job in a castle owned by her family to do research. Luckily, she knows old languages because that talent will be used. Henri, an attractive professor, greets her there. He seems antsy, as if he’s hiding something. Could he be the antagonist?

Going through a mystical time portal, Ardyth finds herself in the twelfth century. Fortunately, a precious child, Freya, is there to help her and brings her to Ardyth’s ancestors. When finding out who she is, they don’t seem overly surprised. Sir Robert resembles Professor Henri Seacrest from Ardyth’s present. Hugh also looks like Henri.

Ardyth is happy to discover that Hugh won’t marry until he finds a woman with whom he could share, “A meeting of minds and hearts.” She is of the same opinion. For work, she works as Hugh’s scribe.

She is unusual but enchanting to Hugh and does some shocking things. However, he likes how strange she is and is impressed with much about her. She is also impressed with him. The story is filled with tender moments as Hugh and Ardyth grow closer. The compassion they show to each other is warmed by heated moments of desire and longing.

The whole romantic adventure is underlined with the theme of feminism. Ardyth often tells Hugh not to underestimate her, and she expects him to treat her as a modern-day man would. Luckily, Hugh is open-minded and willing. Secondary characters add spice to the story, and secrets give bit of mystery. The setting is well-developed, giving one a colorful picture of the era.

There are surprises in the tale that readers won’t see coming, and the end is quite satisfying.


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