Marbleheart by Don Callander

Marbleheart by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (216 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Companion wanted…

Sea Otter preferred.

Marbleheart was a sleek, dark-furred sea otter. He’d rescued maidens, fought witches, even installed a new emperor on the Dragon Throne of Choin. But lately, Marbleheart’s been bored.

But all that’s about to change…

What’s a body to do when they get bored? For Marbleheart, a sea otter who is the familiar of Douglas Brightglade, a Pyromancer, the answer is to go questing with a fairy prince. Prince Ben Flowerbender has run away from home, because, as he tells Marbleheart, “It’s full time I undertook a Quest to Prove Myself Worthy. Come of Age!” And soon the two of them are off on an adventurous quest.

This is an exciting, fast-paced story filled with myriad challenges for both Marbleheart and Ben. They are shipwrecked and nearly eaten by alligators, before meeting with horrendous hippos. But they both have magical powers and kind hearts which they use to good advantage. Best of all for Marbleheart is that once again his life is filled with puzzles to solve and new lands to explore.

This is the fifth and final novel in the Mancer series, and while many of the characters have appeared in the earlier adventures, this novel also works well as a stand-alone. Don Callander has a strong sense of magic himself and his characters, whether they are human, fairy, animal, or even a blue tea kettle, are amazingly well drawn. I was captured from the very beginning, and I willingly and happily traveled along with Marbleheart and Ben from one adventure to another.

The pacing of the novel is excellent and the pages seem to turn themselves. As other characters and a side-plots work there way in, the reader is skillfully taken from Wizards’ High to far distant lands and back again, and the ride is truly wonderful. The plot takes a number of unexpected turns along the way, and I was kept in suspense right up to the end.

Fantasy readers will not go wrong if they decide to join Marbleheart and Ben on their questing adventure. Magic and fun, danger and thrills, abound.


  1. Hi, thanks for the review. I wanted to let you know that Marbleheart is not the last in this series. Before Don Callander died, he wrote one more, “The Reluctant Knight”, which will be released this year. He also wrote another book in the Dragon Companion series, a sequel to Warlock’s Bar & Grille, and three stand-alone fantasy novels. All of these are due out this year and early 2015.

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