Loved by a Roughneck by Shyla Colt

Loved by a Roughneck by Shyla Colt
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Gardenia

After losing his wife, Ty takes to the road, working oil rigs and avoiding close connections. After six months in the tiny Texas town, Maci reminds him what it feels like to want more from a woman. Convinced she’s his second chance at love, he’ll show her what it means to be loved by a roughneck.

Maci Lou Long has witnessed firsthand the damage a man can cause a weak-willed woman. As the daughter of the town drunk, her soul is far older than her twenty-one years. Determined to keep her heart safe, the only thing she seeks from a man is satisfaction. Then a drifter blows in from the north, and slips under her defenses. Caught up in a tide of emotions she can’t stop, Maci can only accept Ty’s offer and wait for the fallout.

Roughnecks and Bad Boys are my weakness! This short story lives to expectations with a unique twist. Ty is not a Bad Boy… but he simmers at a slow burn. Talk about the quiet types! He is on fire and ready to roar as he slowly but surely develops somewhat of a friendship with Maci. He knows she could bolt and disappear from his life if he pushes too hard. He is mature enough to understand slow but sure is the way to deal with Maci and acquire her trust.

Maci is delightful. She is strong and independent. This independence comes at a price. She refuses to allow her life to disintegrate as her mother’s did. Her relationship with her mother is pivotal to understanding why Maci becomes intimidated of falling in love.

I wish the story had given more of insight into Ty’s life before he met Maci. We are given glimpses, but not enough to understand him. Maci is the focus of this story and as such, she is a winner. When the two of them finally come together, keep a fire extinguisher close!

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