Love Story of a Reaper by Elvira Bathory

Love Story of a Reaper by Elvira Bathory
Publisher: Tiger Dynasty Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (46 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Waratah

What would you do if you found out that you weren’t like everybody else?

That you were special but only in a way that no one could find out about?

What lengths would you go to prove yourself to your family?

A family that you didn’t know you had?

Kymber was moving through life, with a part time minimum wage job and few friends. She was different from other people, and they treated her that way. She was happy with her life, though. Until the day she met Kheelan. That is when her life was turned upside down. She finds out that she isn’t even human, and that a family, she wasn’t aware she had, needed her to complete a mission.

As Kymber and Kheelan’s adventure progresses, will their focus on business remain professional? Or will their growing passion take over?

It’s always a bit more challenging to review a shorter read. The story line is intriguing, but didn’t have a lot of back ground. This isn’t a stand alone and the end will leave you waiting for the next one. I have to read the next one, just to see how Kheelan fills out.

Kheelan is a young Fae male that has a job inside a job to do. Kheelan’s father is a tyrant and his tough love leaves a bit to be desired. Kymber was more accepting of her fate than I’m sure most would be. But as Kheelan explains her life to her, things kind of slip into place. The loneliness, the isolation… how many Reapers do you have as friends? Kymber handles herself remarkably well and that is what is endearing to me.

Is it love at first sight… or lust at first touch? If you love magic and the Fae, then this cute little story will surprise you. Mix in some heated bed scenes, and you have a short story made for your reading pleasure.

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