Let’s Spend the Night Together by Pamela Des Barres

Let’s Spend the Night Together by Pamela Des Barres
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

This intimate account of 24 legendary groupies reveals what went on behind the closed doors of rock stars from Elvis to Marilyn Manson. Consisting of Pamela Des Barres’s revealing interviews with and profiles of other supergroupies, this book offers firsthand glimpses into the backstage world of rock stars and the women who loved them. The groupies—such as Tura Satana, Miss Japan Beautiful, who taught Elvis how to dance; Cassandra Peterson (Mistress of the Dark), who tangled with Tom Jones in Sin City; Cynthia Plaster Caster, who redefined the art of Jimi Hendrix; and Miss B., who revealed Kurt Cobain’s penchant for lip gloss and panty hose—tell tales that go well beyond an account of a one-night stand to become a part of music history.

There are those who attend to see the band and those who want to see the music. These girls and a guy want to feel it.

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I can see where this might be seen as a smoothed-over way to describe these people. They’re groupies, so they must want to do everything with the star. I’m sure they do, but each story proves there is more to the story than just getting down with it. There are people who genuinely love the music and want the band to be their best. They want the band at ease.

And there might have been plaster involved.


It’s still a fun read and good for an afternoon when it’s chilly outside. Give this one a shot. I recommend it.

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