Je T’aime by Ursula Whistler

Je T’aime by Ursula Whistler
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Looking for inspiration, designer Genevieve Hoffman agrees to an apartment swap and heads to the south of France. But when the apartment owner’s brother returns from deployment, she finds herself with a man who inspires fantasies rather than fashion.

Etienne Gagnon barely made it out of Syria alive during his last special forces assignment. All he wants is a little R&R in the apartment he shares with his sister. But the woman making breakfast in his kitchen isn’t his sister. He might not understand a word coming out of her mouth but he has no problem reading body language and likes what she’s saying just fine.

Etienne has come home suddenly to his apartment in France only to discover his sister has swapped her living arrangements for a month. Instead, Genevieve is staying in his sister’s room, and neither of them are particularly happy about it. Can they each find love in the country most renown for it?

I found this to be a funny and lovely story. While Etienne is good at languages he’s not yet learned much English. And Genevieve – despite choosing to stay for a month in France has almost no French skills at all. So their initial interactions were funny and difficult to say the least! Initially I thought the fact Etienne and Genevieve struggled to communicate would frustrate me, but I found it actually made the story all the more sweet. The author did an amazing job of showing me how they interacted and learned to communicate together and keep it interesting and fresh at the same time. Of course there were small issues when they didn’t understand each other properly, or when someone else tried to interpret for them and there were miscommunications, but this just added to the story.

The sex was both steamy and sweet. I found the lack of verbal communication helped keep a sort of elemental understanding between Etienne and Genevieve. They had to show through actions, kisses, touches and simple words what they wanted and where their emotions and desires were at. Cutting out so much of the verbal sparring and posturing that happens so regularly really kept this story clean and simple. And I found I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

I found this story different and lovely. Sweet but still erotic and enticing, this was a very different kind of story and I really enjoyed it. Recommended.

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