Invincible by Beth D. Carter

Invincible by Beth D. Carter
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Short story (52 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lee Masterson is a gun for hire. He’s shut himself off to almost everything, existing with the memory of a woman he loved fiercely but had to let go for her safety. But his carefully constructed walls are shattered when a threat is made against Lidah Wilcox’s life, sending him back to Kentucky in a desperate effort to protect her.

The hole in Lidah’s heart never fully closed when Lee died, and when he suddenly resurrects from the grave, she’s overwhelmed with emotion and memories. Twenty-two years of emptiness lie between them, and she’s unprepared for the love that comes surging back to life.
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Lee will do anything to protect Lidah, yet he can’t walk away for a second time. Danger brought them back together, but can they keep each other safe when it’s stalking them?

Lee’s life changed dramatically on the night of his school dance. After cementing his feelings of love for Lidah, Lee returns home to utter devastation. His world forever altered, Lee is forced to leave everything behind. More than twenty years later, Lee’s world collides once again with Lidah’s.

An interesting and intense read, this short story packs a punch. Part James Bond and part CIA thriller, this story was fast-moving and quite a page turner. In some ways Lee was incredibly cold and emotionally distant, but the author wrote it in such a manner that I not only found it realistic and interesting, but also completely understandable. Seeing mayhem, death and disaster everywhere it seemed only natural that Lee keep an emotional distance from everyone and everything. His reconnecting with Lidah blew all that totally wide open and made for some deeply emotional and raw discussions

While I understood Lidah’s anger and being upset, I didn’t really like how she didn’t seem willing to trust Lee or give him much of a chance. I can understand her confusion and events certainly happened quickly – in a matter of hours a sniper kills her boss right in front of her and then Lee explains the events that had caused them to be separated after the evening of the school dance. A lot happens – and Lidah has in her own way been grieving for more than twenty years. It’s not like Lee could just return and she’d happily jump in his arms. But I didn’t enjoy how she refused to believe Lee – even after his explanations – that the police couldn’t protect her from this threat, or how she isn’t willing initially to even really give Lee a chance. For a romance story this rather dampened the mood for me. When Lidah did soften towards Lee it made those first reactions less understandable to me, personally. Lidah’s reactions also soured my feelings on their romance, since I struggled to find it believable after such a rocky and emotional beginning.

That said, I felt the action and plot aspect of the book was really well written and the action was believable and fast paced. While I never really got completely on board with the romance, I loved every moment of the action and “secret agent” feel of the story. Lee was a strong, capable and efficient hero and reading him doing his thing and the depth of his skills was excellent. I thought the villain was also well written and as an action/thriller story this was an awesome read.

Readers who love spy stories or action packed adventures should definitely enjoy this quick read.

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