Inexplicable by Willa Okati

Inexplicable by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (95 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kit had no clue he was pregnant. Now everything’s changing… including his love affair with Deacon.

Deacon’s everything Kit wants. Kit’s everything Deacon needs — three days a month. Alpha and ex-jarhead Deacon’s an over-the-road trucker, always on the move, and he likes it that way. And Omega Kit’s… good with that. He’s not going anywhere. Not seeing anyone else. He’s promised himself he’ll never be like his parents — he won’t tie a man down when he doesn’t want to be tied.
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What Kit doesn’t know is that he’s pregnant — until the night their son is born. Now everything’s changing. Babies do what they want, when they want. Just like Deacon.

Only Deacon’s not sure just what he does want… but he’s sure what he’s not willing to give up on, and that’s a future. And a family. His family.

Kit refuses to make the mistake his parents made and won’t try to tie Deacon down, no matter how much he yearns to be Deacon’s partner in all things. Only things change when Kit unexpectedly falls pregnant and the baby is born, because Deacon finally realizes the family and home he’s always wanted was always there for the taking. Now Deacon just needs to convince Kit him and their newborn and change of lifestyle is exactly what he wants.

I found this to be an interesting and fun story. There wasn’t a lot of time spent at the start of the book showing the equilibrium Deacon and Kit’s relationship had grown to. With Deacon on the road trucking more often than not he and Kit had a very hot, explicit and loving relationship but they were predominantly apart, only enjoying fleeting moments together for the joy they brought each man. I never had any question about the two men’s dedication or love for each other, but their relationship appeared to have been built very much with them being apart more than together. So when the baby is unexpectedly born the difference that changed their relationship in an instant was enormous. I was pleased the author spent a fair bit of time fleshing out these major changes and showing me as the reader just how both Deacon and Kit came to grips with the serious changes that they each needed to grow comfortable with and how the two men worked together to find a new equilibrium.

I was also really pleased that even though there was some steamy sex at the start of the story and again towards the end, the author focused more on the home life and actual romantic relationship between Deacon and Kit. With a newborn and all the stresses of such life-changing events in their relationship it would have felt a little odd to me, personally, had the focus remained on the sexual aspects of Deacon and Kit’s relationship and not the massive changes each man was making both to their lives and their connection and a couple.

There is a small amount of conflict in the story, but I was quite grateful that it was more of a token effort than a large drama. Personally, I felt that having the enormous shift in priorities for both Deacon, Kit and their relationship as a whole was enough plot for the story to move along well with. Readers looking for an intensely erotic – or plot with a lot of dramatic conflict – might not find that here, but I personally really enjoyed the characters and watching them each strive to do their best by their baby and essentially shift their entire lives around in a healthy and loving manner. This was definitely a family and character orientated story and I really enjoyed it.

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