Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton

Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (231 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Verbena

Ayah Miller’s having a hell of a day. She just buried her father, and found she’s a millionaire. Now it turns out she’s a pawn in a battle between Gods and a Goddess. At least, that’s what Sevani, the hotass who just kissed her within an inch of her life, says. And if an Immortal Watcher, like he tells her, then he’d know.

It sure seems plausible when bullets start flying, swords start swinging, and only half the fighters are trying to kill her.

She’s just starting to get comfortable with Sevani (and falling for him) when she learns it’s probably not her he’s been kissing: it’s probably the soul of his long-lost wife she’s carrying.

Now there’s no one she can trust. Not Sevani. Not Valeria, Alexander, and Lei who fight alongside him. Not Freya, the Goddess who created the Watchers, who hides behind her pretty smiles. And certainly not her family, because it’s one of them who wants her dead.
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Can she stay alive long enough to learn who she can trust, and whether she’s who Sevani loves?

Ayah had suffered one loss after another. The latest would be the biggest blow. Her life would never be the same.

No matter how close knit a family thinks they are, money has a way of clouding judgements and turning love ones against each other. Spending most her life caring for one person or another, Ayah is naïve in relationships, making her the perfect target for someone’s greed. In a span of twenty-four hours, she’d lost someone very dear, gained more wealth than she knew what to do with, and learned she was marked for death, possibly by someone close to her. Her salvation? A man of jaw-dropping proportions and charm who claims to have loved her in a past life. Talk about a lot to swallow. Despite his questionable motives, she will have to choose between trusting her head and trusting her heart; her life depended on it.

Sevani had endured hundreds of years of slavery under the control of a Goddess who’d lost her mind long ago. While not something one ever got used to, he’d accepted his fate, even welcomed it for he deserved all she did to him and more. He’d betrayed the one person he loved most and now her blood would forever stain his hands. If only he could go back and change that fateful decision, stay his reckless blade; things would have been so different. One violent act had ended not one, but two lives, for his state of being was anything but normal or desired. Resigned to do Freya’s bidding as one of her Watchers, the only light in his long years of dark servitude is his friendship with Lei, Valerie, and Alexander. Like him, they had pissed off the Queen of Mean and were trapped in the Hell she’d created for them. Slaves to her evil whims, it seemed they’d never be free. All they could hope for was that she never discovered how important their bonds of friendship had become for she would surely use it against them.

Sevani and Ayah (Nila in another life) have an endearing love that has spanned hundreds of years. Despite his betrayal, Nila’s soul still searched for him through the ages after her death, taking on one life after another until at last she had found him. But the bitter rage of an insatiable Goddess threatens to tear them apart once again as her orders for Sevani are to repeat his betrayal and kill the one woman whom he loves more than life itself. Sevani has to decide between disobeying his captor and facing tortures beyond comprehension—Freya had proven herself quite creative when it came to inflicting agony—and losing his love to the cold steel of his blade once again. While it seemed neither outcome looked favorable, it didn’t take long for him to decide what must be done. Ever the leader, the foundation, the rock to his small team of emotionally scarred immortals, Sevani has no choice but to follow his heart. This decision makes him not only candy for the eyes, but honey for the soul as well.

Ayah can’t understand why her head tells her to run from the weapon wielding maniac standing in her bedroom, professing to be her immortal protector, but her body wants nothing more than to saddle up to him and offer everything she has to give. Is she crazy? It sure seems so. Yet despite the warring of her psyche, her heart tells her to trust him. It doesn’t seem she has much choice for the danger he predicts coming is soon at her doorstep. Suddenly thrust into an inconceivable world of gods, guns, and bloodshed, she handles her situation better than most probably would. That’s not to say she follows directions well, she doesn’t, and that lands hers in trouble more than once. But her spunk, intelligence, and ability to open her mind to the unknown creates a very likable personality that quickly takes root, detailing a wonderful character that you can’t help but cheer for. She takes her punches and keeps on going.

Overall, Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton proved to be an exciting read full of action, adventure, and plenty of hot-between-the-sheets activity. There were some point of view violations and word errors, but not enough to detract from the story. I enjoyed reading Immortal Need and would certainly recommend it to others.

Not all larger-than-life warriors are good guys, Ms. Newton’s characters can attest to that, but they are no less appealing or likeable. Despite having to do horrible things to please the Goddess who commands them, they want nothing more than their freedom, to end the betrayal, murder and bloodshed that has become their existence. While Ayah might be a damsel in need of saving, she may also be the salvation this team of Watchers needs. I encourage you to grab a copy of Immortal Need by LeTeisha Newton, it’s a tale worth reading.

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