Ideal Mate by Angelique Voisen

Ideal Mate by Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (56 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Born and raised in an Omega breeding facility, all Owen’s ever dreamt of is freedom. One Alpha client is his ticket out of hell but when Vance blows Owen’s expectations out of the water, Owen doesn’t know whether to stay or run. Owen’s terrified of his attraction to Vance, but will yielding to the Alpha put him in another kind of cage? buy viagra overnight As a result, such males cannot enjoy intense sexual pleasure in lovemaking. However, canadian generic cialis a lot of people do not know the reasons behind it. The effects of medications on the arteries can be improved when a person could consume these supplements. lowest prices cialis When these natural pills are taken regularly, it helps to reduce the number of degenerative brain cells by more generic cialis pills than 80 percent.
Vance needs an obedient Omega, an ideal mate for his unstable pack. Right from the start he knows Owen’s the exact opposite of meek and dutiful. The more Vance gets to know Owen, the sooner he realizes that Owen might be just what both he and his pack needs.

Owen had been born and raised in the Omega training facility and he yearned for his freedom. He was determined to get out of there – one way or the other. Only Vance isn’t like the other Alphas Owen has been abused by. Owen still craves his freedom, but he’s no longer certain fleeing from Vance is what he wants either.

I enjoyed this fun and short paranormal story. I loved how Owen’s character had a bit of spark and backbone to him and even when he was pretending to be the perfect docile Omega he still had his own personality and strength. Vance was also an interesting character – I was pleased he wasn’t just an ordinary, smug and arrogant Alpha – but an Alpha who had struck out alone and done his own thing. Vance’s loyalty and genuine regard for his pack had Vance returning when his father passed away so the pack could remain strong under his leadership and not be torn apart by less-strong Alphas.

Each character was their own – recognizable and interesting but not cartoonish or over the top. While I did find most of the plot of this story very predictable the interesting characters really helped keep me invested and enjoying every moment. Erotic readers will also be pleased that there is plenty of steamy sex in this story and a few interesting twists that help round out the story.

With two interesting heroes and a small cast of equally interesting secondary characters which could well prove to be further stories in the series, this is sure to be a great quick read for many readers.

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