How Not To Date A Changeling by Stephanie Burke

How Not To Date A Changeling by Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lieutenant Colonel Taylor Martin only wants a place to rest and recover from his injuries in Afghanistan. But an eerie screaming filling the night makes him weary and curious. The one thing the ex Marine can’t abide is a mystery.

Cordelia Snow is a writer — and a changeling — and doesn’t have time for foolish mortals. But when Taylor tries to win her trust with chocolate and baked goods, she can’t resist the tall Marine with the bad limp.
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But now that she has him, has shared her own dark past and learned of his own, shared the sensual delights and mysteries of their bodies, how can she ever give him up?

Taylor was recovering from being in Afghanistan and all he wants is rest and quiet. The banshee-like wailing next door is the exact opposite of what he hopes will be his nightly routine and he’s not the sort to let anything remain a mystery. Cordelia was a writer and a changeling and is determined not to fall under Taylor’s spell. Can the two neighbors find their way onto middle – and safe – ground together?

Both Taylor and Cordelia were layered and complicated characters so I was really pleased the author spent time letting us as readers really get to know them both before anything more intimate grew between them. While it was clear Taylor and Cordelia would end up together in bed and the antagonistic relationship between them would quickly sweeten and grow deep – the fact this didn’t happen instantly was fantastic. It helped the whole situation feel more realistic to me, but also let me really believe something more than a fling was growing between them.

I also enjoyed how the more we learned about both Taylor and Cordelia the more complex they each became. I was pleased Cordelia explained much of her back story – though I personally found it slowed the pace of the story somewhat. The added tension and conflict was welcome, but I feel having Cordelia explain and re-live those memories so shortly before finally becoming intimate with Taylor felt a little jarring when I first read it.

With two unique and really interesting characters this paranormal story was fresh and completely different from anything I’ve previously read. I enjoyed the emotional connection Taylor and Cordelia built up between them and the sex was smoking hot and deliciously explicit. A great, quick read I feel should appeal to plenty of readers.

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