Her Bad Boy Doctor by LM Spangler

Her Bad Boy Doctor by LM Spangler
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (42 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

He was the high school bad boy … and the boy she fell in love with.

Sheriff Savannah “Savvy” Douglas fell in love with a bad boy who walked out of her life. Ten years did little to dull the feelings she had for him. But a year ago he stopped calling and texting, leaving her with nothing but questions.
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Dr. Brody Collins was about to return to the town he grew up in … and the town where the love of his life still resided. He’d broken all communications with her for a year when his past caught up with him. But he was ready to rectify the situation.

Will Savvy forgive him and give them the chance they lost out on ten years ago?

Brody might be the school bully, but when they’re both hauled to the principal’s office after a fight Savannah can see that Brody’s drunk father is very likely abusive – and that Brody, for all his apparent bad behavior, is just a lonely kid stuck in an awful situation. Then and there Savannah decides she wants to protect and help other kids like that. Years later Brody and Savannah meet up again, and this time neither of them are children anymore.

I found this to be an interesting and sexy short story. The chemistry between Brody and Savannah was intense and believable. While there was a good amount of the story dedicated to explaining how Savannah and Brody came to know each other as teenagers in their small town I felt this gave a good basis for their relationship to blossom as they re-met as adults. This also helped me find the fast pace of their romance more realistic – as they had a year of being close friends in high school as well as almost a decade of keeping in touch via text and calls since then. All together it formed a solid and realistic basis to me and helped me really feel their relationship was grounded in something more than just chemistry or sexual desire.

I was a little disappointed at how Savannah reacted to Body returning to town for her – as he had promised when they were teenagers – after not contacting her for a year. Having been in frequent contact for over nine years I could completely understand Savannah being upset, angry and hurt by Brody not communicating with her for a long time previous to his return, but I really feel she should have known Brody well enough by this stage, and should have trusted him enough, to know that there would be a painful, complicated and genuine reason for his absence in her life. I was pleased this misunderstanding was patched up and explained fairly promptly – but it felt just a little too clichéd and forced to me, a bit like the author “needed” some conflict and this was the easiest solution. It also lessened my respect for Savannah as a character – that she’d act out of anger and hurt and not try to be more mature and reasonable and trust that Brody had a decent explanation and hear him out.

Steamy and erotic, this short story packs a hell of an erotic punch. Set in an interesting small town I’d be interested to read short stories based around other characters here. Fun and sensual Savannah and Brody turned their relationship into a great story and I mostly enjoyed reading about them.

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