Hello Dolly by Reina M. Williams

Hello Dolly by Reina M. Williams
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

The fall chill is breezing into Loving…

Luke Levi is finally settled. His new business is shaping up, he’s part of a community that values him, and leaves him to his private life. Except his neighbor, whose latest matchmaking scheme pushes Luke into the arms of the new woman in town. He falls hard and fast for the cheerful charmer, until his painful past makes him question whether it’s time to move on again.

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And they may be in the cold unless the Montana Matchmakers help them keep the warmth of love!

Luke had helped his elderly neighbor in a number of her matchmaking schemes but he had no interest in being set up himself. As long as he was comfortable and working well he was satisfied with his life. Dolly had come to town to spend some time with her elderly aunt and start up her own business – needing to get a handle on her life. Neither Dolly nor Luke were looking for romance, but the two elderly matchmakers in their lives are determined to see them together and happily settled.

With loads of old-school charm, I found this to be a really sweet and lovely romance story. Both Dolly and Luke have histories and hurts, their own private reasons for not wanting to jump into a romance with both feet. Yet the persistent and gentle prodding of Dolly’s Aunt and Luke’s neighbor has them each slowly edging towards a delicate trust and slow blossoming of a sweet and delightful romance. Readers who enjoy a small-town style of story and a slower pace should find this an exceptional story.

I loved how the author really delved into both Dolly and Luke’s characters. They are both multi-layered, realistic and interesting people and I loved having the time and space in the story to get to know them both. There are the usual problems with small towns (small minded people, gossip and the general nastiness inherent in humans) but I was pleased the author made this realistic and not too over the top, and also it was clearly a device used to show Luke and Dolly how they could find solidarity together and overcome these regular, ordinary problems together. The plot was mostly character-centric – Luke resolving some of his past issues, Dolly trying to forge her own future and the both of them trying to work out how they fit together and how they could both better themselves individually and as a couple, together.

Sweet but romantic with plenty of character-based plot and twists I found this a wonderful full length story and a great read. With loads of plot, a strong cast of secondary characters and a delightful small town feel this is an excellent story and one I really enjoyed.

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