Healing Fire by BA Tortuga

Healing Fire by BA Tortuga
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (61 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lee is just the transporter for the broken werewolves his team rescues from the Brotherhood. His latest pick-up goes badly when one wolf bolts, and his van is shot at, making it tough for him to keep it together. He’s got sick and badly injured wolves to care for until someone else comes to get them, though, so he heads for his cabin in the woods, knowing he has to keep his charges safe.
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Drew has been in captivity a long time, helping keep his friends alive by giving of his own healing energy. Lee is like a whole new world for him, because Lee’s life force bolsters his, and Drew knows he’s found the other half of his soul. Now he has to learn he can’t save everyone if he wants to stay with Lee. Can they find a way to do what they must and still love each other?

Lee was eager to do everything he could to help reclaim those who had been cruelly caged by the Brotherhood. He knew the part he played was small, but he enjoyed helping as much as possible. When he rescues five wolves, on in particular draws him in on a deep level. Can he and Drew save each other?

I found this to be a really emotional and tender story. Drew is a very special werewolf and while it’s heartbreaking at the start in a few places, I adored his character and powers. I felt he and Lee were quite well matched, despite Lee initially not having much of a clue what was going on with Drew. Despite the fact they’re both werewolves in many ways they come from very different worlds and so Lee has a fair bit to learn in quite a short space of time. The depth of his connection and love for Drew, however, help make Lee a fast learner and I adored how soon they were both on the same page.

I was quite curious about the four other wolf shifters who were rescued – and the one who ran away right at the start of the story. A part of me hopes there might be at least a few more stories in this series coming down the line some time. The prologue and epilogue also hint at an upcoming story of a different couple. It felt a little weird that only the very beginning and end of the story showed this pairing but it was certainly a good lure to whet my appetite for the next few stories to come. Despite this story being part of a larger series I felt for the most part it stood very well on its own. I don’t feel readers will need to have read anything else in this paranormal world – nor the series itself – to really enjoy and follow along with the plot and characters – Lee and Drew’s romance in particular.

With some sensual and steamy love scenes and a lot of emotion and hurt/comfort/healing type of plot this was a really intense but lovely short story. I adored Drew and Lee and really enjoyed their story and watching them learn and love each other. I really hope there are a few more stories about the strong cast of secondary characters and will keep a close eye out for any more stories that follow this! Recommended.

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