He Wants Her by Sam Crescent

He Wants Her by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Sally Bright has worked hard to make her bakery a place for people to enjoy good food. Then out of the blue, Hank Owens decides to come back to town and open up a bakery across the street from her.

Hank is sexier than she remembered, but he’s also the competition. She isn’t going to fall for him, not ever. He has no intention of putting Sally out of business, and what he really wants to do is get her into bed.

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Hank wants a wife, a family, and he wants it all with Sally. Will she be able to handle his proposal?

Sally and Hank hadn’t been close in high school – but Sally knew exactly who the handsome man was, friendly to a fault Hank had been one of the few men who never teased or hurt her. While Sally hadn’t missed him, exactly, when he moved to the city her life had been full of him now he’d moved back home and opened up a bakery directly opposite her own. Can both their businesses – and hearts – survive the close contact?

This is a fun and steamy short story that I feel will appeal to a wide range of readers. I was a little disappointed that the conflict aspect of the story felt quite forced to me. Far from Hank and Sally’s businesses being in competition with each other Hank had gone to great lengths to ensure his bakery didn’t in any way encroach on Sally’s business or clients – indeed he was up front right at the start in admitting he’d even hired a professional to assess how he could open his bakery and not be a negative impact on Sally’s shop or create division with her clients. I was pretty puzzled therefore when Sally seemed to feel as if Hank was trying to nudge her out and steal her clients. Sally herself admitted that she’d not lost profit or sales as yet and virtually the first words Hank said to her was how he’d hired a consultant to ensure this conflict didn’t happen before he even opened his business. So Sally’s continued annoyance and feelings of being hard done by just felt a bit over the top to me, personally.

I was pretty pleased though how Hank managed to take this odd insistence of Sally’s to feel annoyed and put out in his stride. I really got the feeling Hank is the sort of guy no one could stay mad with for long, and I was pleased he managed to turn Sally’s attitude around just by being friendly, nice and determined. When Sally finally allowed herself to admit just how attracted to Hank she was – and always had been – the relationship finally began to flourish and feel a bit more realistic to me. Once Sally and Hank finally got on the same page and their relationship progressed I really felt the rest of the story just clicked into place for me and was really enjoyable.

With two modern and complex characters and some seriously steamy sex this was a good and quick read.

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