For He Can Creep by Siobhan Carroll

For He Can Creep by Siobhan Carroll
Publisher: Tor Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical
Length: Short Story (30 pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

A dark fantasy about Jeoffry, a cat who fights demons, a poet, who is Jeoffry’s human confined to an insane asylum, and Satan, who schemes to end the world.

No one is better equipped to fight demons than a cat.
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It’s not every day that I see poetry referenced in this genre, so I knew I needed to read this piece as soon as I read that part of the blurb. The poetry Jeoffry’s human wrote was far more important than most of the characters realized. I’ll leave it up to other readers to discover why this is so, but I was impressed with how much effort Jeoffry put into describing his person’s passion in life since cats in this universe aren’t particularly interested in poems in general.

There’s something special about the relationship between humans and the animals they live with. My favorite scenes were the ones that explored this relationship from the perspective of a cat. As the main character, it was his job to explain and understand humanity even when the choices we make are nonsensical to other species. More than once I was impressed with how much thought the author put into how even the most ordinary human behavior could look incredibly strange to a cat.

The world building was perfect. Like every cat that has existed in any universe, Jeoffry had a high opinion of both himself and what he was capable of. One of the most interesting things about reading his tale was learning why these animals behave this way. It’s not a coincidence, and the explanation for it was as satisfying as it was fascinating. If the author ever writes a sequel, I’d sure like to learn more about Jeoffry and the rest of feline society.

As if all of these reasons weren’t enough, I also adored the humor in this piece. Mental illness and asylums are not amusing topics by any stretch of the imagination, so I was surprised and delighted by how effortlessly the main character was able to find the joyful side of such a serious setting.

For He Can Creep was the funniest and most thought-provoking piece of fantasy fiction I’ve read in ages. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


  1. interesting premise

  2. rana durham says

    I like this storyline and I cannot wait to see what unfolds in this book

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