Dragon Rescue by Don Callander

Dragon Rescue by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (181 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Have You Seen This Dragon?

Arbitrance Constable had been missing for over ten years—a short time as Dragons’ lives go, but long enough to cause worry to his family and friends.

At first they thought he might be indulging in the male Dragon’s dual desires for wandering and treasurer hunting—what Dragons rather euphemistically call “questing.” But as the second decade began, Arbitrance’s Companion, Murdan of Overhall, again and again called his mount to no avail. It was unlike Arbitrance to ignore his Companion’s call.

The Constables began to search for him…

The Constables are dragons, and Arbitrance Constable, the father, has gone missing. He hasn’t been seen for ten years, which is a short time for a dragon, but still a matter of concern, especially since he isn’t responding to his companion’s call. Thus begins the search for Arbitrance.

This is the second novel in Don Callander’s Dragon series. The novel begins with a summary of the events in Dragon Companion, so readers will have no trouble starting with this novel. The characters are fully developed, human, elf, and dragon alike and they are a joy to travel with.

The plot is fast-moving with action galore. There is a royal kidnapping and an invasion from the north. The Constable brothers, Retruance and Furbetrance, are aided by Hoarling, the Ice Dragon. Tom, Retruance’s companion, and Mandy, his wife, are in the thick of things, working diligently to foil their enemies.

The world that Callander has created is rich, rewarding, and totally believable. I would love to live in the land of Carolna, if I were as lucky as Tom to be transported there to become the companion of “a fifty-foot, green-and-gold, fire-breathing gentle Dragon named Returance Constable.” Tom saves the day in a variety of ways with his very practical ideas in a land which tends to do everything by magic. Tom is an anomaly in that he is a human in a land of elves, but he is valued and honored for his wisdom and assistance.

The story is intriguing, as well as exciting and fun. It is a real page turner with excellent pacing, lots of twists and turns in the action, and a very satisfactory ending which nonetheless leaves the door open for another book in the series.

Readers of dragon fantasies are sure to enjoy Dragon Rescue. And if you want to treat yourself to exploring the world of Carolna completely, then begin with Dragon Companion, also a great read.

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