Don’t Fear the Reaper by Dahlia Rose

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Dahlia Rose
Dark Love, book 3
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (55 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Calliope thought she knew death. She sees it every day in her job and feels it around her. Who knew when she called to that presence it would appear in the form of Arius?

The connection they make is almost instantaneous. She kisses him on impulse, but she falls in love with him because that’s how her heart works. Teaching a reaper about life might seem strange to others, but Calliope accepts the responsibility willingly. But at the end of their time, he will leave, and Calliope will be forever changed.
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Arius’s destiny is to take the scythe of his father and become the Angel of Death. But the woman who can feel his presence piques his interest, and he gives in to curiosity. He thought he knew his purpose — that he was created to be a caretaker of the souls who cross over, and nothing more.

Being with Calliope his world on its axis. Now he questions his destiny, especially when he longs to be with her. The short time they have together might not be enough, for when the bell tolls, the new Angel of Death must answer.

Not what I expected and it was a great thing.

I was drawn in from page one and couldn’t put this book down. Ms. Rose’s writing is compelling and I enjoyed every page.

Calliope works in hospice and helps folks to the other side. It’s a depressing job, but I respect her for doing it. She has limitless compassion, which is something lacking in a lot of other people.

Arius is interesting, too. He is a reaper, eventually the Angel of Death. He’s not seen mortals in their lives—just in their death. Watching him discover there are more to mortals than one action, was neat. It was. It reminded me of a couple movies and the awakening within him changed Arius. I liked it.

I loved the way this story sorted itself out and was a satisfying ending. I’m glad I picked this book up. Great read!

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