Dog Days by Marie Fox

Dog Days by Marie Fox
Publisher: Deep Desires Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (151 pages)
Other: M/M, Fetish, BDSM, Toys, Rimming
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Love hurts, and James Harper has the scars to prove it.

Six years after the disastrous end of the relationship that almost got him killed, James Harper is happy. He has healed most of his physical and mental scars, has amazing friends, his writing is finally getting noticed, and he loves his job at the dog kennel. And the best thing of all? He’s managed to keep his heart locked away, safe from anyone who could possibly hurt him again.
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But then Aiden Cross enters his life. Tall, blond, gorgeous, and with a great pup named Clover, James can’t help but dream about putting a collar around Aiden’s pretty neck. But Aiden unleashes more than just dreams and the nightmares keeping James awake remind him exactly why he vowed to never submit to love again.

Unable to escape Aiden and his own desires, James has to decide whether a second chance at happiness might be worth the risk. And the pain.

James loved his work at a boarding kennel, finding peace and companionship with the dogs. But it’s a large, enthusiastic husky and his sexy blonde owner who James finds himself tongue-tied over lately. James is a bit intimidated by just how much he wants Aiden though, but soon their desire will outweigh their caution.

I found this to be a fun and surprisingly happy story. I wasn’t too certain on the coincidence of just how many aspects of Aiden and James’ lives intersected at the same time – virtually forcing the two men to confront their mutual feelings for each other – but it certainly helped move the plot along at a good pace. A part of me felt that their meeting and attraction at the kennel would have been enough incentive to get the two men together, and the charity writing event aspect to the plot was a little over the top. That said, I genuinely enjoyed what each part wove together and added to the story as a whole.

Readers who enjoy a slow build-up to their romance, with lots of chemistry and sexual tension, should find this story really suits their needs. I thought it was interesting the James and Aiden actually got to know each other online – not realizing it was each other that they spoke to – and this helped me as a reader really see and understand what their feelings were for the other and the complications they felt were in the way. I also thought this was a good way for the author to move through the awkwardness and anxiety Aiden and James felt in each other’s physical presence – a way for them to interact and express their feelings to the reader clearly without having holding back. I felt this helped keep the chemistry and sexual tension bubbling away nicely before they actually moved forward and started their relationship together physically.

After a few miscommunications when Aiden and James finally get together I feel the chemistry and sizzle of their intimacy is well worth the wait. Readers should be aware there’s a bit of kink and fetish/BDSM play though I didn’t find any of it too over the top for an erotic romance story.

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