Discipline With Love by Geraldine Hillis

Discipline With Love by Geraldine Hillis
Publisher: LDF Publications
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (38 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, F/M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Discipline with Love
As Joanna stands facing the wall awaiting her first punishment and wondering whether she will be able to go through with it, she thinks back to how it all started – the auspicious day she typed the word ‘spanking’ into a search engine. She remembers how she and Graeme first communicated by email, then phone, and finally agreed to meet – which was a case of falling in love on sight. She recalls the day she learned the difference between erotic spanking and real punishment. Her mind made up, she removes her panties and relives the events of the last few days, which have culminated in her standing here. She feels sick with dread as Graeme unbuckles his belt. Will their love survive this most testing time?

Farmer’s Girl
Desperate for money in the aftermath of World War I, Maisie’s parents are forced to put her into service in Scotland. Her father tells Mr Gavin Hamilton that she might need ‘a lick of the strap’ now and then to help her pay attention to her work. Maisie is to be punished for inattention to her duties, but an accident causes Gavin to change his plans for her. Maisie’s dreamy ways constantly lead to her getting into trouble, and Gavin is astounded by her actions when he tells her to prepare for punishment. Maisie takes a hard strapping, and Gavin discovers there is far more to her than meets the eye!

Sisters in Crime
Kathy arrives to spend a whole month with her older sister, Lindsey and her husband Ben. Kathy is fun but chaotic and Ben is known for being strict. Less than a day later Kathy is in big trouble. She borrowed and damaged her sisters car and has been arrested for having no license. Ben takes both women home from the police station. Much to Kathy’s amazement, her sister is put over her husband’s knee and spanked thoroughly – and it’s her turn next! After receiving her first adult spanking she decides that she hopes to find a husband just like Ben. A week later Ben invites a friend over for dinner. A single, male friend called Peter – who also believes that at times a good spanking can be very effective indeed. He deals with Kathy, in the time honoured way!

This book contains three short stories of spanking love.

Discipline with Love: this first story is about Joanna and Graeme. With the purchase of her first computer a whole new world is open to Joanna. Late one night, feeling particularly brazen, she types in a secret, hidden fantasy of hers: Spanking. Once again, the world tilts sideways and Joanna courageously steps into a new future of chat boards, instant messaging and writing all her fantasies out and sharing them with her online friends. Far from being “unnatural” or alone, she discovers there is a whole lot of people living the sexual life she dreams of.

Thoroughly enjoyable, I found this an interesting read. I feel it’s an excellent introduction into how a regular woman might become enthralled with and enter into a life of mild bondage with regular spanking. The manner in which Graeme and Joanna are introduced, meet and start a relationship seems quite realistic to me. What I mainly struggled with, though, was the manner the story jumped near constantly from Joanna’s present, to retrospective background filling in. There’d be a paragraph of her “in the present”, and she’d then spend a page recalling step by step how she got where she was. This constant to and fro made me feel as if the story was very disjointed, even though I understand what the author strove to achieve.

Overall this was an interesting story, a lovely introduction showing how an alternative relationship can blossom, build slowly and once the love and trust is there, explode with a sharp bang.

In Farmer’s Girl Gavin’s wife didn’t have long to live, dying of a broken heart after both their sons were killed in the Great War. Maisie was twenty, old enough to do some general housekeeping and farm work. So to earn a bit more money for her struggling parents – with five other children to feed – she begins to work for Gavin to keep a roof over her family’s head. She takes care of Mrs. Hamilton and does a number of regular farm chores. A daydreamer though, she is strapped for her transgressions when her mind waders too far afield and she is neglectful of her duties.

I found this to be a wonderful, but quite old fashioned piece. I often had to read the dialogue slowly, as the accents, while traditional, were sometimes difficult for me to easily understand. The set up and entire short story gave the definite feel of an older story, much like reading a piece written in Victorian England or and old Western. Although Gavin fights his growing desire for Maisie, and Maisie herself is a little too simple-minded to understand her own feelings to begin with, I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the start of their attraction. Maisie could have easily been taken advantage of, and Gavin was still married and his wife not yet passed. Other readers might not feel like this, but it did make me, personally, hesitate and I wasn’t able to enjoy the story as much as I had hoped. There is also no clear resolution in the end – not even a “happy for now” style of ending, though it’s clearly hopeful, not at all depressing or sad. The romance reader in me struggled with these things, but I certainly also feel the writing is excellent and the build up of the whole situation is wonderfully paced and set.

Sisters in Crime: Lindsay is excited that her little sister, Kathy is coming to stay for a month. Lindsay’s husband, Ben, also welcomes his sister in law with open arms. When Kathy borrows the car the following day to do some shopping, she neglects to tell Lindsay – or Ben – that she doesn’t have her full license. When she gets into an accident, Lindsay reluctantly agrees not to tell Ben, but he’s already at the police station when he overhears this. Lindsay knows the routine of her spanking punishment when lies and deceit come into her relationship with Ben, but Kathy is about to have her eyes opened wide as she too, now, is included in this aspect of their marriage.

This is a fun and very sexy story about two sisters sharing a spanking experience. While it certainly won’t appeal to everyone, I found it very tastefully written and with quite a light hand. Certainly not a comedic piece, it nevertheless feels more fun and happier than the other two short stories in this ensemble. I got a big kick out of the man Ben tried to set Kathy up with, and also found the ramifications of her actions to be both hot and amusing.

All three of these stories are well written and should appeal to a wide audience. All three stories are different and I feel cater to different tastes while still revolving solidly around spanking. An interesting and eclectic mix, this should have something that appeals to most readers.

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