Derrick by Russell

Derrick by Russell
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense
Length: Full Length (493 pgs)
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Rose

In Hyde Park, a movie theater erupts in flames on a bitterly cold November evening.

It seems like a job for the fire department, but under Captain Creighton’s direct orders, Detective Gavin Nolan and his partner, Derrick Williamson, must investigate. Arriving on the chaotic scene, they find multiple fatalities —but one of the victims is most peculiar…

Gavin soon discovers that this fire wasn’t the first of its kind. The arsonist has set ablaze other buildings around Chicago, and more female victims left in the same gruesome state have been discovered.

Gavin and Derrick determine that the arsonist is not an arsonist at all—but a sinister serial killer with an agenda.
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Juggling the unexpected events in his personal life, Gavin digs into the locations of the explosions. At the same time, Derrick probes into the victims’ lives, searching for any possible connection.

However, when the next explosion occurs, the killer leaves behind a significant object, and Derrick becomes noticeably reserved. Gavin soon uncovers an enigmatic link, one that points to Derrick’s military past. A time that his partner had wished to forget. Yet, to catch the vicious maniac, Derrick must tell Gavin everything.

In a suspenseful, gripping ride to the end, it is up to Gavin to rescue his partner from the clutches of a killer. But will he make it in time?

WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes, explicit language, and violent sexual situations.

This is the second book in the series, but that did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying this volume. I know I would have a richer experience had I read the first one (and I plan on remedying that as soon as I can). I enjoyed getting to know these characters. The author did a wonderful job of building them with many layers, so the reader gets to know them better with every page. There’s so much growth to them just in this book. They also work together well as a team, and I’m a sucker for ensemble pieces whether in print or film.

Derrick is dark, gritty, and intense with graphic scenes, explicit language, and violent sexual situations, so if you are squeamish, you might want to beware. But, it is also full of action and twists that kept me up reading late way too many nights because I wanted to know what happened next. And, I was not disappointed – the author definitely kept me on my toes with everything going on.

Good job, sir!


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