Dark Vengeance by R.T. Wolfe

Dark Vengeance by R.T. Wolfe
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (252 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poppy

Detective Nickie Savage is pursuing a paroled arsonist who’s at it again. Worse, she’s plagued by the most recent victim’s nephew, Duncan Reed, the person she distrusts the most.
Duncan won’t stop until the deadly arsonist targeting his Aunt is back behind bars. But the smart and sassy Nickie Savage is in his way and getting far too close to a 30-year-old secret he’s fought to protect.

When the arsonist strikes again with perfectly timed twin explosions, Duncan and Nickie must re-think everything they once believed about the arsonist and each other.

Another story from author R.T.Wolfe, packed full of suspense, action and plenty of romance. The more I read from her, the more I enjoy her writing.

It’s been a while since I read the other books in this series, and I don’t think this one stands alone as strongly as the other two. There are lots of things happening here that relate to previous books, and I think it would be a bit confusing for new readers. But that’s okay! Read the first two books – you won’t regret it.

This book follows Duncan Reed, artist and survivor of a violent crime when he was small. The book starts with a crime reminiscent of that earlier one, and it’s thus he meets our heroine, Nickie Savage. Nickie is a police detective and she’s been tasked with a few crimes, including a missing teenaged girl, and now with finding out who butchered a dog and left its corpse on Duncan’s aunt’s doorstep.

I admit to being just a touch confused at first as we hopped between the two crimes. Duncan helping Nickie with the missing girl, and she involved in both. I struggled sometimes to figure out what investigation mattered to which crime as Duncan, especially, dug up various clues. Eventually I worked it out, but it did give me some pause at the beginning.

I really loved the relationship Duncan and Nickie built. The romance was incredibly well created, believable and not perfect. It had plenty of heat and eventually also filled with its share of heart. Duncan oozed sex appeal and it’s no wonder Nickie couldn’t resist, even when she thought she should.

The secondardy characters really were the icing on this cake. We get to see Andy and Rose and Brie and Nathan … I love this family. And the author added in another fantastic woman, Gina, Nickie’s foster mother. She was possibly my favorite person in the book.

Aside from the initial confusion I quickly worked through, this book was another absolute winner for me. I’m such a fan of the author and can’t wait for the next book! If you love well written, suspenseful romantic suspense that doesn’t skimp on the romance, I heartily recommend this and all the other R. T. Wolfe books in this series.


  1. Dear Poppy,
    What a nice surprise review. I’m completely thrilled. And you’ve hit Dark Vengeance spot on. The first two books in the Black Creek Trilogy can easily be stand-alones. I would not recommend reading Dark Vengeance without reading the rest of the series, but I’m also a touch OCD that way!
    Thank you for your interest in my work.
    R.T Wolfe

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