Dandelion Wishes by Melinda Curtis

Dandelion Wishes by Melinda Curtis
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (191 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 4 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon


Will Jackson was a control freak and a killjoy. He had been since they were kids. He’d made it his mission to come between Emma Willoughby and her best friend–his little sister–all their lives. But why? Until the day of the accident, Emma had always thought of herself as adventurous, not dangerous…. And then her friend had almost died.

She desperately needed to apologize, to try to explain, if she could. Will had managed to keep the two apart while Tracy was in the hospital, but now that she was home in Harmony Valley, the winemaker wannabe had to understand that getting past this was the only way they could heal. And yet even if Tracy was able to, Emma wasn’t sure she could forgive herself. And Will had made it abundantly clear: he wouldn’t sleep until he’d found retribution.

Harmony Valley opens with heartbreak – a desperate, bereft friend in this beautiful place among kindly people, trying to reach her best friend. Emma and Tracy were childhood friends, separated by an accident and then, more purposefully, by Tracy’s determined brother.

This story is heart-wrenching. The sadness, self-doubt and guilt Emma feels marks her with an injury of sorts, too. She’s reaches out, over and over to Tracy, but Will is too clever, too determined and …something more. Anger and recrimination abound: there seems no hope for forgiveness, for excuses, for any once thing to help resolve everyone’s desperate unhappiness.

Every moment is emotional. The plight of the charming town and its people form part of the story – indeed, the town is much more than mere background. Folks are attached to their little town and torn about the direction of potential ‘progress.’ Will seems to be on the wrong side of everything, yet, is he entirely wrong? Curtis’ wonderful characters jump right off these pages and involve you in their feelings throughout. You’ll find yourself hoping for resolution (in more than one aspect) and also frustrated for Emma, more than once!

This is a charming read, fresh and original, that will pull at your heartstrings. Do read.


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