Daddy’s Little Hellion by Lila Fox

Daddy’s Little Hellion by Lila Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

All her life, Jenna has fought just to be seen. She never thought she would find someone to love her the way she is. She knows she can be difficult, but underneath, she’s a scared little girl in need of a daddy.

Trey has been looking for a little. With his dominance and height of six and a half feet, it seems impossible to find a woman strong enough to put up with him. When he sets his eyes on Jenna for the first time, he’s instantly attracted, but she’s so timid, hiding behind other people. He doesn’t think she’ll be able to deal with a man like him.

As he realizes she’s not timid but bruised and in need of help, he steps in to protect her. It takes losing someone close to them to bring them together, but will another act of violence tear them apart again?

Trey had finally finished with his government work overseas and was ready to settle back home in the States with his friends and enter the next chapter in his life. Trey is surprised but pleased so many of his friends have found their perfect woman. The group of women have been harboring a secret and when a number of the Daddies band together to wrangle it out of them Trey is surprised when they learn the secret about Jenna, and he’s even more shocked at the strength of the protective feelings it rouses in him.

I found this to be a very explicit and steamy story. While a lot of the secondary characters clearly have their own stories in the series I felt this book could be read on its own with both Trey and Jenna’s characters well introduced and their relationship established throughout the course of this story. While Trey has been a Dom most of his life he is new to the Daddy/little dynamic and so a lot of information about this kink is explained so readers new to this aspect shouldn’t feel too out of their depth.

I felt like it took me a while to warm up to Jenna’s character. Part of me felt like her aggression and stubbornness pushed the boundary a little past pride and independence and into stupidity. While I totally understood she’d been hurt in the past and she lashed out to protect and defend herself, it seemed pretty silly for her to purposely antagonize one of the few people actually trying to help her. I could see that the author worked hard to explain Jenna’s outrageous rudeness and behavior but it really was a struggle for me to like her for quite a bit of the story.

With an explicit group-sex style of scene and plenty of BDSM (Daddy/little) elements to the numerous relationships readers who are looking for an intense and explicit story should find this story delivers on all that. I was pleased with the plot revolving around Jenna – finding it refreshing and different as she attempts to deal with an ex harassing her with some independence.

While this story has extremely strong willed characters and a solid plotline, it also has a fair bit of Daddy/little kink and I feel this book won’t suit all readers’ tastes. But for those who enjoy this element of BDSM, or those looking for an edgier, stronger style of erotic romance story this should be a refreshing change of pace.

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