Curious About Mermaids by Gina Kammer

Curious About Mermaids by Gina Kammer
Publisher: Amicus
Genre: Childrens (10+ yrs), Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Are merfolk friends or foes or what? Spark early readers’ natural curiosity about fantasy and fairy-tale creatures with this inquiry-based approach to mermaids. Legendary mermaids aren’t always the sweet, pretty fish women we see in popular culture. In folklore, mermaids were known to sink ships and drag sailors under water. But they aren’t all bad. Some would save sailors from watery deaths. Perfect for self-selection, this question-and-answer book covers legendary mermaids’ appearance, behavior, and where they live. Simple infographics draw in browsers and visual learners. A Stay Curious! feature encourages kids to keep asking questions while doubling as a mini media literacy lesson on research skills. Includes glossary and index.

There’s so much to learn about mermaids.

I liked this book because it’s a simple book, but it’s got lots of tidbits about mermaids. The book dispels the thought that mermaids are real but shows children that they are something fascinating. I liked the little factoids in the book and how the author made the mermaid feel real, while explaining they are the stuff of myths.

This is a quick book and easy read for children, but also a good one for a read-to-me style book. The stories are compelling and will keep the reader’s attention.

If you’re looking for a book about mermaids, then this might be the one you’re wanting.

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