Cinder by Harley Wylde

Cinder by Harley Wylde
Devil’s Boneyard MC 5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Short story (120 pages)
Other: M/F, Masturbation
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Meg – For ten years I suffered at the hands of a monster, bought at auction and forced to be a slave, at the whim of a Columbian drug lord who also ran underground fights. Then the Devil’s Boneyard came to rescue one of their own and I was free. I don’t know who I am anymore, or what my purpose is. I only know one thing. Cinder, the President of Devil’s Boneyard, makes me feel safe and that’s something I haven’t felt in forever. But one kiss and I’m seeing him in a new light, and I know that one kiss will never be enough.

Cinder – Meg’s a sweet girl, a little angel who tends to sing and distract me as she cleans my house. I never said she had to pay for her keep around here, but she insists. She’s easily thirty years my junior, which makes me feel like a sick fuck every time I get hard around her, especially after all she’s suffered. Then I royally fucked up and kissed her. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want more, even though I know we’re doomed. A threat to my club, and to Meg, has her under my roof 24/7, and I have no idea how I’ll keep myself from giving into temptation. Whoever leaked her information to The Inferno is going to pay in blood. Even if I haven’t claimed her, Meg is mine, and I always protect what’s mine.

Talk about heart thumping! I figured this was going to be a romance between some very salty characters and instead, I found a sweet and gentle heroine who had so much love to give, and a crusty, tough ex-marine with a hidden soft inside while his outside is made of tough armor – dented, tarnished a bit, but strong. At one point the romance is in jeopardy. The suspenseful, dramatic and nail-biting delivery kept me on the edge of my seat, and the obstacles that they had to be overcome made for fascinating reading. It was intense!
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The internal conflict that complicates things is on Cinder’s side. He is definitely a silver-fox but there’s nothing old about how he fights, talks and the things he wants to do to Meg in the bedroom. The hero fights falling for Meg every chance he gets. He’s convinced he’s a confirmed bachelor with nothing to offer a wife, and forget about kids, they drive him nuts! He’s a stubborn cuss and his attitude leaves the door open for unpleasant things.

Meg is a survivor. She initially came across as timid. After finding out about her background, I’m convinced that she had a believable reason for her behavior. The great thing about living with the Devil’s Boneyard was that it gave her security and I slowly watched the heroine open up enough to see the real Meg.

When it comes to sexy times in the book, there’s a bit of BDSM action but it’s not related to that particular lifestyle. There’s no doubt that Cinder is dominant and it does enhance the passion and sexiness of their encounter when the author goes into great detail describing what Cinder demands from Meg. It’s when Meg reciprocates and her passion comes alive with Cinder that I found most rewarding and enjoyable to read.

The action/adventure comes into play when a really bad MC, bad like in deviant, twisted, sick, mean, nasty and solidly illegal, targets Meg and the other families living in the Devil’s Boneyard compound. The lengths the hero is willing to go to in order to get information he desperately needs was shocking and violent, but effective. The race against time, the last request, the not knowing if the good guys will be able to save the day was breath-stealing. I really didn’t think they’d survive. I expected some casualties because the situation was so dire. The author truly had me worried because by that point, I came to care for Cinder and Meg and I really wanted them to have an HEA, but there were so many ways it all could come crashing down. Talk about being on the edge of my seat!

There was only one thing that annoyed me about Cinder. He practically beat me over the head with his repetition about being too old, couldn’t change, not marriageable material, and that Meg can do better than him. Meg at least knew her own mind and figured out a way to make the hero step up to the plate. She took a chance and it eventually paid off, but not before Cinder suffered for his self-centered griping.

What I found unusual and interesting was the switch in points of view. The author took turns sharing the story with me by alternating chapters from Meg’s or Cinder’s POV. It kept things flowing smoothly because each stage moved the story forward. Nothing stalled or seemed overwrought. I liked how the author handled things.

The story of Cinder was one heck of a ride. I enjoyed getting to know the hero and heroine and I can easily recommend this book to other fans of MC romance stories. It’s a solid plot with great delivery.

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