Chasing Frost by Isabel Jolie

Chasing Frost by Isabel Jolie
Publisher: Noctivity, Inc.
Genre: Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Contemporary
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Be careful who you chase…

From the moment we meet, I’m a goner.

Her slender fingers slip into mine and hot damn.

Sydney Frost is all-natural with an alluring chilly demeanor.

A challenge.

I’m in lust and in too deep by the time I discover the truth.

She’s an undercover agent with the FBI, and I’m her prime suspect.

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My job is simple. Go in, find the information the FBI needs, and get out before my cover is blown. I never counted on one very important thing, though.


Chase Maitlin is not my type. He’s cocky and overly confident. Too bad he’s also smart, funny, and ridiculously sexy.

Can a romance built on lies ever lead to happily ever after? Chase and Sadie are about to find out…

Chasing Frost was a delightful surprise. It is an intriguing story with an intricately weaved storyline that kept me quickly turning the pages. The characters are realistic and interesting and this exciting story kept me on the edge of my seat. It has suspense and romance all rolled into one fascinating story.

Sadie, is an FBI agent working undercover investigating Chase and the company he works for. Unfortunately, what should be a two week open and shut case turns into more.

Chase and Sadie are polar opposites and because of their different personalities, they frustrate each other. Chase is laid back, fun and outgoing and everyone loves him. Chase is also full of contrasts; he is an accountant who likes working with numbers, but he isn’t boring or introverted. Although he has goals and works hard, Chase makes it look like so easy people underestimate him. Chase has his vulnerabilities and he has made up for what he considers his inadequacies, by making everyone laugh and being their friend.

Sadie is a woman trying to make it in a male dominated field and she is afraid to let her guard down. She is an uptight, straight laced workaholic. Sadie doesn’t have friends and rarely sees or talks to her family. At first, Sadie doesn’t like anything about Chase, but as time goes on, she comes to appreciate him. Rather than disliking Sadie, I felt sorry for her and was hoping Chase would be able to loosen her up.

What I enjoyed most about Chase and Sadie are their layers and imperfections.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story and thought they were great together. They share a lot of chemistry and although they are polar opposites, they work well together and are perfect for each other. This is the first book I have read by Isabel Jolie and it won’t be my last. I couldn’t put this book down and I stayed up way too late reading it.

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