Chantilly Lace by Em Woods

Chantilly Lace by Em Woods
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (45 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Fetish
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When appearances aren’t everything…

Shea Laporte is a twenty-four year-old professional twink. He gets his way with a bat of his eyelashes and a swish of his hips. Coffee bars, nightclubs and late, lazy mornings in bed are routine for him. He’s never regretted being who he is—after all, his lovers know what they’re signing up for—but he’s keeping a secret. One he’s more than happy to keep to himself until he meets Murdock ‘Murk’ Rouse, the new tenant in his apartment building.

Murk has been watching Shea flounce in and out of their shared complex for months. At first glance, he thought Shea was nothing better than the whores down on Eight Mile, but after one brief run-in with the spunky blond, he knows all Shea needs is a firm hand and a man who sees him for everything he is—smart, kinky and sexy as hell.

Shea Laporte has never seen more of his mysterious, dark haired neighbor than the twitching of his curtains when Shea arrives home late at night. Murdock “Murk” Rouse didn’t want to be just another of Shea’s sugar daddies or short term boyfriends. He wanted more. So he hung back, biding his time and trying to learn what he could about Shea. The slender man was a puzzle, and Murk loved to solve them, and he felt certain Shea would be worth the effort.

I really enjoyed how neither Murk nor Shea were at all what you perceived upon first glance. The author has done a great job of making both characters far more complex than you’d initially guess. Also I liked how even though this is a short story most of the focus is on Murk and Shea’s characters. This isn’t some quickie where the protagonists are introduced and they immediately set out to screw each other senseless. There’s a far more subtle game at play, and that’s something I really enjoy in my erotica. And when Murk and Shea finally do come together their sex scorches the pages and is well worth the wait.

There is some subtle, very mild cross dressing. While that kink isn’t a particular favourite of mine, it’s subtle enough (and well written enough) that I didn’t mind it at all. I would think that only readers who really hate any amount of men dressing in women’s lace panties (or a single, very brief section in the epilogue where there’s a little more cross dressing) will find this distasteful. If lace on men really turns you off, it might be an idea to give this a miss, but I’d still recommend the story for people who aren’t fussed. It’s just a small kink of Shea’s and the characters and story are well worth the read to my mind.

I enjoyed the happily ever after and really liked the depth of both Murk and Shea’s characters. Lace aside, this is a fairly standard M/M and I think it should appeal to many readers. Recommended.

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