Caught by B. J. McCall

Caught by B. J. McCall
Dragonfire 5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (48 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

A quest has fallen upon Trynt Andrak’s shoulders, tearing him away from everything he loves, but it’s a matter of clan honor.

For Adatha Krytt there is only one dragon, but he has vanished leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. Duty is everything until the day comes when Trynt’s quest becomes Adatha’s mission.

His honorable quest has made him a thief. To catch a thief, she must track down the dragon she loves.

Can she fulfill her mission without breaking her heart?

Caught is B. J. McCall’s most recent visit to the Dragonfire world, where passions burn hot and often. I like this world and always like visiting with the folk who inhabit it. The characters are always well crafted and charismatic, and this one is no exception. I like this world because Ms. McCall always has strong women in positions of power, but who can also be feminine and passionate with the right person.

The Andrak clan has a quest to fulfill; find and recover the head of the sacred dragon statue that was stolen centuries before. That duty has now fallen on the shoulders of Dragon Warrior Trynt Andrak, after the death of his uncle. As Trynt prepares to resign his position to take on the quest, Adatha Krytt is getting ready to join the Dragon Warriors. Adatha knows Trynt is her mate, and she is devastated when he tells her he is leaving. Adatha is determined to show Trynt how she feels before he is out of her life, and spends one passionate last night with him in their secret spot. A year later, Adatha is a full member of the Dragon Warriors, and is given a confidential assignment: catch the dragon that broke into a wealthy citizen’s home and stole his prized possession…the golden head of a dragon statue. In the surveillance footage, Adatha recognizes Trynt as the thief, and her heart is broken as she sees him in the embrace of a young and beautiful woman. She is determined to bring Trynt in to face justice, and then get on with her life, with or without her mate. Can Trynt prove he still loves her, despite what she saw on the surveillance footage? Will Adatha stand by her dragon, and wait for him? Will these two get their happy ending?

Adatha Krytt is a strong and determined female. She knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to reach for her dreams and make them real. She knows that Trynt is her mate, and she decides that, if one night is all she can get, it will be the best it can be. I like her spirit and determination, and her ability to do what has to be done regardless of what she wants. I also like her sense of loyalty, and the way she was willing to stand by him. And that she was able to fulfill her duty as a Dragon Warrior and complete the mission to bring Trynt in, despite the consequences to her, personally.

Trynt Andrak is a proud and strong Dragon Warrior, but knows he must assume the quest of his clan to find the dragon head that was stolen so long ago as a matter of honor. Although he knows that Adatha is the one for him, he is willing to let her go to be all she can be while he follows the path before him. He is strong and handsome, and has a sense of honor that cannot be denied. I liked that, even while he was undercover, he was not willing to take advantage of the young woman whose attraction to him let him gain entrance to the mansion where his ultimate prize was located. I also liked that he was ready to accept whatever punishment was deemed appropriate in answer for his actions.

This is a fast paced story, with action and danger as well as romance and passion. I like the characters, and look forward to more from this author in this world. I recommend this for all those who like happy endings and lots of hot dragon passion.


  1. Dear Foxglove:

    Thank you for the wonderful review.

    BJ McCall

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