Born For You by M.D. Stewart

Born For You by M.D. Stewart
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short story (76 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Rimming
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Josiah: I survived the Civil War only to be murdered thirty-eight years later. Too angry and too bitter to move on, I haunted the land where my blood was shed. I found no peace until Matson Ashby came into my life. I watched him grow into adulthood, never imagining how sexy he’d become. Now I want him for my own, but I’m a ghost, and he’s human.

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Josiah had barely been a teenager when he fought in the Civil War. After returning home wounded and losing everything, he had he eked out a quiet life until he was murdered. Even though he knew how to take on a physical form, Josiah had no interest in doing so. After Matson had finally shaken off the dust of his small home-town he’d never done more than briefly visit his family, tired of hiding his true feelings in the small, bigoted township. When his Granny left him her house Matson came home to decide what he should do with the property. Can Matson and Josiah find their way together and each find their happy ending?

This is a slightly different and rather interesting story. I was pleased that the author changed perspectives between Josiah and Matson each chapter – as this helped me really understand and appreciate where both characters were coming from throughout the story. While Josiah is a ghost – and a man from a historical time – in many ways he felt modern enough to be relatable to. I really enjoyed how the author explained how Josiah watched Matson grow up and how Josiah’s feelings slowly evolved, this really helped sell me to the romance and emotions between the two men – particularly from Josiah’s perspective.

I feel this story will appeal not just to readers who enjoy erotic M/M stories but also readers who like small-town romances and more historical novels. This short story was a good blend in my opinion and could suit a wide range of readers.

For the most part the growing romance between Josiah and Matson, and the paranormal/ghostly aspect of Josiah’s situation is the conflict and plot of the story, though there is a small detour highlighting the bigotry of the small-minded townsfolk trying to block Matson from being able to go forward with his idea of a Bed and Breakfast. With so many elements going on I feel the story might have been stronger had only one or two aspects been included in this short story – and not left everything feeling so crammed. With historical and contemporary components, paranormal and ghostly/After Life aspects all vying for attention with the B&B plotline and Matson and Josiah’s romance – the story felt quite busy and a little like everything was skimmed over to make room for everything else. I feel readers should also be aware that the short epilogue contains a strong teaser/hint for the next book in the series.

I was pleased that the paranormal aspects of Josiah’s after-life were well explained, and the sex between Josiah and Matson is smoking hot and quite explicit. I also enjoyed seeing Matson and Josiah set up the basis for turning Matson’s Granny’s house into the B&B. With plenty going on and a few smoking hot sex scenes I feel this short story will appeal to a lot of different readers.

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