Blame It on the Bass by Lexxie Couper

Blame It on the Bass by Lexxie Couper
Heart of Fame Book 6
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (224 Pages)
Other: M/M, M/M/F, Menage, Anal Sex/Play, Spanking, BDSM
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Can they mend his broken heart?

Heart of Fame, Book 6

After a horrific accident robs rock legend Levi Levistan and his long-time partner, Corbin, of their dream of becoming parents, Levi is lost in a sea of grief. Until he runs into an old high school flame and their chemistry reignites.

Corbin Smith is intent on bridging the chasm between their hearts. But witnessing his lover’s steamy onstage kiss with a woman jolts him to the core with sexual arousal. And he realizes the key to their healing is standing in Levi’s arms.

As an erotic romance editor, nothing much unsettles Sonja Stone. She’s not even surprised at her body’s powerful reaction to Levi’s kiss. But when Corbin approaches them, eyes smoldering with hunger, his suggestion shakes her to the core.

Sensing their unspoken wounds, Sonja agrees to take a chance on a threesome. Their union is explosively perfect, but something is holding Levi back from sealing their searing emotional connection. Something that could destroy their love once and for all…

Blame It on the Bass is the latest is Lexxie Couper’s Heart of Fame series, and it takes a look into the life of bass player Levi Levistan, a very private man going through a painful patch and having trouble opening up to his partner Corbin.

As the search continues for a lead singer for Synergy, bass player Levi Levistan has left it all up to his band mates, while he and his partner Corbin Smith retreat from the public eye to mourn the loss of their daughter and her mother. Levi is handling the loss like he has handled things his whole life, by shutting everything inside and not talking it through. Corbin loves Levi, but he needs Levi to share his feelings, so after a bitter discussion, Corbin leaves for a bit, to think. Levi needs to find something to keep him from losing it all, and ends up at a karaoke bar to have a drink and unwind. When he spots his high school sweetheart on stage, he joins her for a song and they end up in a hot embrace, just as Corbin comes in the door. Instead of being upset, Corbin realizes that this woman has brought some life and spirit back to Levi, and he suggests that they invite Sonja back to their place. Levi is shocked by Corbin’s idea, and also turned on, but worried that Corbin might not be into it. When these three discuss things, Levi and Corbin are able to convince her that they both want her to stay, and she wants to believe them. Can three be the perfect number in this relationship? Can Sonny help these two wounded men heal and rejoin in the life around them?

I like this world, and the interaction between the main characters. There is a past with Sonja, and it is portrayed in bits and pieces through these two people’s memories. I love this series, and enjoy the search for the elusive talent needed to replace the irreplaceable Nick Blackthorne.

Levi Levistan and Corbin Smith are a committed couple, in the midst of the single most devastating period in their relationship. They had looked forward to the birth of their daughter via a surrogate, and when the senseless accident took both the child and her mother from them, each man reacted differently. Corbin grieved openly, and needed to share his grief with Levi, while Levi buried his grief and pain deep inside himself. I like that, although Corbin left, he realized that he still loved Levi, and needed to find a way to get through to Levi and help him heal. I love that he felt secure enough with Levi to accept and welcome Sonja into their lives, their homes, and finally, into their hearts.

Sonja ‘Sonny’ Stone is strong, determined and unflappable. She has to be in her career as an editor of erotic romances, but even she is shaken a bit by Corbin’s suggestion. I like that she shares a past with Levi, and knows and understands how he handles pain and stress in his life, and I liked seeing how she reacted to both Levi and Corbin. She has such an open and adventurous nature, and she fills the place inside both men that neither knew was there.

This is a poignant and touching story, one of pain and loss and starting anew. There are some sad moments, but there are many joyous ones as well, and when disaster strikes, Levi and Corbin are able to face it together and make sure Sonny stays right where she belongs…between these two attentive and loving men. This one is for those who like their romance unconventional and hot…and I do mean hot! I’m looking forward to seeing how the search for Nick’s replacement works out, and I recommend this series in its entirety to those who like lots of screaming hot romance with a peek inside the life of a band.


  1. This sounds really good. Is it terrible that I get caught up on the main character’s name though?

  2. Michelle Boone says:

    I absolutely love this series and this story is one of my favorites. Of course I say that with each new book Ms. Couper puts out. I highly recommend you start with book one and not come out of your cave till you’ve read them all 🙂

    • Haha, thanks Michelle. I’ll definitely start at book 1, although whether I manage to avoid the world while I devour the books is a different matter. Ahh, life. 🙂

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