Biker Bully by Sam Crescent

Biker Bully by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (249 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Chloe Decker has never fit in. Her father is considered a coward by the local MC. She’s the coward’s daughter and public enemy number one. When the president’s son, Alfie, and his friends bully her, she knows something bad will happen.

Alfie is determined to bring Chloe down. She thinks she’s better than all of them, but he’s going to show the town, and the club, she’s nothing. Only, he’s the one being taught a lesson. Chloe’s not faking anything. Slowly, Alfie begins to see the real woman beneath the bullying.

He’s not going to ruin her. He’s going to show her what it means to belong to him.
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But someone is determined to keep them apart. When his original plans are shown to the entire town, Alfie loses the respect of the only girl he’s ever cared about.

Chloe promises to never return, but when her mother is run over by a car, she has no choice. She has to face the demons of her past. It doesn’t mean she will fall for Alfie’s tricks again.

Alfie’s finally got her back in town, and this time, he’s not going to risk losing her. He’s not the dumb biker kid anymore; he’s a man, and this man doesn’t let the woman he loves get away.

How many can relate to being the shy girl? Or the curvy girl? Imagine being both in small town, USA, where everything is run by the local MC Club. So what do you do if your dad is branded a coward and you are tarnished by the same brush? And how do you cope when everything gets thrown on its head? Do you trust your former bully with your heart, after all he has put you through? What a dilemma!

This story is told in two parts, the majority of it being the earlier part that sets the stage for what is to come. It is incredibly well-told, with the reader getting to see both the bullied and the bully, and what makes them tick. Alfie finds out that Chloe isn’t anything like he imagined, and finds himself starting to fall for her. As for Chloe, she realizes Alfie isn’t as bad as she originally thought.

For me, it was the second part that knocked off a star, although the writing was still as smooth as ever. It just didn’t feel right. After all the angst and embarrassment of part one, in part two, it was over and done with. It was almost like the author couldn’t decide whether the anxiety between the two MCs or the mystery side of the story should take first place. As such, both fell a bit flat for me.

This is very well written, with no spelling or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the story, and have no hesitation in recommending it.

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