Becoming The Lion’s Queen by Jade White

Becoming The Lion’s Queen by Jade White
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (82 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Waratah

The Lion Must Make Her His Mate, He Must Make Her His QUEEN….

After being cast aside as a child, curvy Miranda always felt that she had a greater purpose in life then most. However, she simply had no idea just how big that purpose really was….

That was until she met the impossibly handsome and muscle toned Cedric. Cedric is the Alpha Lion shifter of his pride and he has a big secret to reveal to Miranda. A secret so big that the fate of his whole pride depends on it and she is the only one that can help him.

To prove how serious he is, he must first make her his princess. Only then will Miranda have what it takes to fulfill her destiny of becoming the next Lion’s Queen.

A destiny is foretold and waited upon. A young lioness with her own past locked away is waiting to have that destiny told to her. Miranda will step away from the old, harsh life without much love, to something new and she will never be the same.

This was a quick read with not a lot of background dragging down the pace. The plot, while unique and attention grabbing, felt a bit incomplete, almost as if this were written in outline form. I think that if Ms. White had given me a better idea of what the characters looked like and where they came from they would have felt more real. Having said that, both Cedric and Miranda become endearing fast.

Cedric has a sincere need to find the woman who would eventually be his Queen and Miranda needs to feel that she’s loved for herself even though life dealt her a pretty intense blow to her self-confidence. The situation Miranda finds herself in will only make her strong enough to handle the next ones. I don’t if the heat increases over the rest of the series but this was one, while sensual, wasn’t very spicy.

Ms. White weaves a world of magic, shifters, danger and love. This is the first book and it really is more of a introduction to the characters and a lead up to the real plot that will be played out over the next two books. In short, this is one has a cliff hanger. The good news, the other two parts of this story are already out so it’s not like readers will have to wait months to see what happens next. This is an interesting read. For readers who don’t have a lot of time to read but want to dive into the beginnings of a potentially good series, I would recommend Becoming the Lion’s Queen.

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