Aquamancer by Don Callander

Aquamancer by Don Callander
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (292 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Douglas Bright Glade, Journeyman Pyromancer, travels far into unknown lands to investigate rumors of an evil coven–and is taken prisoner by power-mad witches.

The rules state that a Master cannot aid a Journeyman–under any circumstances. So it’s up to Douglas’ wife-to-be, Myrn Manstar, an Apprentice Aquamancer, to save him.

Douglas Brightglade is sent on a journeying as part of his training to become a master Pyromancer. He is expected to handle a difficult task without the aid of anyone senior to him, and the task he has been instructed to solve involves going to unknown lands to investigated an evil coven of black witches.

This is a wonderfully imaginative novel with some really fantastic characters. Douglas is a fine journeyman Pyromancer, eager to prove himself. I was immediately caught up in the story and I enjoyed the excitement as well as the humor. When it appears that Douglas has been captured by the evil coven, his fiancée, Myrn Manstar, an apprentice Aquamancer, sets out to help him. There is also a host of other wonderful supporting characters, such as Douglas’s familiar, a smart sea otter named Marbleheart. Another of my favorites is the Blue Teakettle, who always knows when a visitor will be arriving, and who sends meals magically all the way from Wizards’ High.

This is the second novel in the ‘Mancer Series, but it can be enjoyed all by itself. The prologue has a summary of the first novel so that the reader is fully caught up right from the start. I love the variety of characters which populate this novel. Of course there are wizards, faeries, dwarfs, sprites, and sea creatures. But there are also razors which strop themselves and then shave the wizard after the shaving brush has jumped “gleefully into Mug and whipped up a froth of fragrant lather.”

Douglas’s travels and adventures are exciting, filled with action, and Douglas certainly has to think fast and act with courage and daring if he is going to save Old Kingdom from the havoc and destruction which the Coven of Black Witches is wrecking. If he doesn’t stop them, they will move out into the rest of the world in their quest to gain unlimited power.

Lovers of fantasy, young and old alike, will truly enjoy this captivating novel.

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