Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers by Steven Donahue

Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers by Steven Donahue
Publisher: Twin Sisters Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Young Adult
Length: Full Length (260 pgs)
Age: 14+
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Amy Sutter returns with a new space adventure as she travels to a distant planet filled with secrets and danger.

The second entry in the Amy the Astronaut series finds the teen rocketeer joining Yale and Madison aboard the Liberty Bell on a mission of mercy to a planet devastated by a natural disaster. The relief mission takes a turn for the worse when the crew discovers a plot that could destroy the Union, and they face off against new enemies that threaten their survival.

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Amy is in interesting and complex character with strengths and faults. She is courageous, well-meaning, and has an ability to take charge when a situation calls for it. She does have trouble with listening to orders and putting herself (and sometimes in others) in danger. She also has trouble like any other teenager, especially in the love department. She has a crush on two boys; Ethan and Cole. She is confused on how to handle those feelings. She also has to deal with the competition between the two.

This is a second book in a series for young adults. It is fast paced and interesting with a heroine that many can relate to. It shows how much friendship and a little crush can affect decision making skills. I did think that the story was a little too long and some of the details could have been left out.

The rest of the characters were incredibly well done and relatable. Yale is a strong character who is a perfect role model for Amy. She shows the girl bravery, comradeship, discipline, and the strength to not give up in any situation. Madison, even being a robot, was unable to understand why the other robots were so devoted to their creator. He was the one that found out Dr. Greenland was going to sell them to the enemy. He had the experience of being free and the friendship of Amy which allowed him to experience feelings the others have not.

Ethan, although not a main character, still plays an important role in the story. Besides being a love interest for Amy, he also is a contrast to her personality; he is more cautious, able to follow orders and is not as strong or experienced in battle as Amy. He does help with fixing up Madison after Yale shot him. He is another great support for her along the journey.

An interesting book for young adults and adults to read. It’ll keep your interest because it is full of action and suspense, but also has parts to teach young adults to handle difficult situations. Although it was the second book in the series you don’t need to read the first to make sense of it. It is rather complex so some may have trouble following along but it is well worth it.

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