After The Curtain Call by Nancy E. Polin

After The Curtain Call by Nancy E. Polin
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (225 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Single mother Amy Ross guards heart and privacy with fierce determination. When the curtain rises at the old theater, she sets aside past heartache and anger to revel in the new, exciting character she plays each night. When the theater owner brings in a handsome business partner to help with renovations, she quickly slams the stage door on any ideas of romance with the dashing actor.

Handsome film star Thomas Buchanan is intrigued by the mysterious leading lady. Her beauty and talent capture his attention, but the sadness he glimpses behind her cool demeanor draws him with a fire he hasn’t felt in years. He yearns to know Amy better and forges a rocky friendship through her son’s adoration of his movies. When danger returns from Amy’s past, Thomas discovers breaking through her emotional armor could be a deadly challenge.

It didn’t happen but once; but it was horrific enough that even after eight years, Amy Ross still avoids men. It’s almost as if she has a type of PTSD with the nightmares and skittishness, almost fearfulness, of men.

Aiden, her adorable nine-year-old son, and her unwavering friend Sarah are a bonus for the reader. They breathe a joy of life into the story and shore up Amy’s courage and determination as she tries to find her way back to trusting again.

The foreshadowing, sometime adrenaline-pumping scary, lets the reader know Amy will have to face and conquer her fears before she can reclaim her life.

How nice it is when Thomas Buchanan comes into the picture. Little by little his style of courtship and caring made me want to hug his neck. He made my heart happy for Amy. However, she does create a challenge for him. Compelling reading!

The antagonists create some breath-holding encounters that make one’s heart pound and anger flare to a blaze. Envy, ego, and innate cruelty fuel much of their despicable actions.

Nancy E. Polin delivers a story that grabs one’s attention and holds on to it page after page. A few things are different in the author’s world than mine, like a car, a truck, and an SUV are very different vehicles to me, but I switched off the old editor brain and thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing, sweet, happy-ever-after love story.

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