A Murderer Among Us by Marylin Levinson

A Murderer Among Us by Marylin Levinson
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (156 pgs)
Rated 4.5 stars
Review by Snapdragon

After her husband dies, Lydia Krause sells her company and moves to an upscale retirement community on Long Island to start a new life. At her first Twin Lakes event, she meets the community’s financial advisor, whom she recognizes as the convicted embezzler who drove her sister to suicide. After exchanging heated words with the man’s wife, Lydia flees the scene. When the woman is found dead the following morning, Detective Sol Molina considers Lydia Suspect Number One.

Lydia undertakes an investigation to clear her name. More Twin Lake residents are murdered, and she’s determine to find the killer. At the same time, she must deal with issues concerning her two daughters. Her younger daughter surprises her with news that she’s engaged and planning to move to England. Her married older daughter appears to be having an affair with an old boyfriend, the very person who might be the Twin Lakes killer. Romance is in the air as Lydia and Detective Molina spar then join forces to stop the murderer before Lydia becomes Victim Number Three.

Lydia Krause tells off a nasty, vindictive and totally in the wrong woman she bumps into in a restaurant …a woman who is murdered that very night.

What a tremendous kick-off to A Murderer Among us. This mystery is gripping and dynamic from the opening. You will be completely involved by the end of the first chapter, and Levinson never allows a slack moment. Lydia is a very easy to identify-with main character, dealing with everyday stuff, as well as driven (understandably) to try to clear her own name.

The investigation thunders along even as her daughter’s issues distract her and a potential for romance hovers as well. She’s hardly popular in her new neighborhood, although she does have supporters. She’s suspected by the police…although a certain inspector might be interested in her for other reasons. Actually, she seems quite distracted by that certain policeman.

Lydia’s investigation, which starts off looking tentative, involves a hunt for motive but turns up actual clues as well. It also causes some further events, endangering Lydia herself and causing… well… let’s not ruin it! One great feature to this mystery is the element of, well, mystery! Little is predictable!

A Murderer Among Us is both like and unlike a typical murder mystery; our main character’s circumstances make this personal, and her approach to ‘solving the case’ might be considered unorthodox. Levinson’s style is straightforward and thoroughly enjoyable: do read.

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