A Mafe For Madi by Cooper McKenzie

A Mafe For Madi by Cooper McKenzie
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After a traumatic past, best-selling author Madi Delaney retreated from the world and became a hermit, never leaving her home. When her publisher threatens to drop her unless she does a six-week, cross-country book tour, Priscilla, her best friend and agent, suggests she needs a man-wife/mafe to take care of her. And she knows just the man for the job.

Out-of-work, long haul trucker, daredevil Garrett Bailey is staying with his sister when she announces she has the perfect next job for him. He will drive their parents’ RV and act as bodyguard and mafe for Madi.

Can Madi get along with the man her first crush has grown into? Will Madi overcome her many phobias in order to keep her publisher happy? Will Garrett be able to handle the job of mafe when he doesn’t know what a mafe is?

Madi hadn’t left her house in eight years, not even for groceries, so she certainly didn’t think she was capable of doing a book tour, spending six weeks out on the road and meeting a whole bunch of strangers. Yet her publisher is no longer willing to indulge her and they have refused to work further with her unless she does the tour. Seriously struggling Madi turns to her friend for help and the suggestion is quite out of the box. Do the tour in a RV and with a mafe – a man-wife – to help her. Can Madi overcome her fears and make this work?

I found this an interesting – albeit slightly unrealistic – short story. I really enjoyed and empathized with Madi’s character and found Garrett to be a nice blend of heart-throb and charismatic hero. I have to admit the two of them were very well suited, but the string of coincidences that had kept them apart for so long took a bit of work for me to ignore. I was pleased that both Madi and Garrett took their relationship fairly slowly. While they knew each other from their youth plenty had changed for them both and each carried their own emotional baggage so I felt it was far stronger and more realistic for them to ease into intimacy and not just crash right in.

The tour itself was fun and I felt it was an excellent blend of conflict and romance with the build up of Madi and Garrett’s newly formed relationship. I also found it quite interesting to see conventions and a book tour from Madi and Garrett’s perspective. It was an excellent scenario for Garrett and Madi to get to know each other, and learn to rely on each other, without all the usual pressures and hassles of work and day-to-day life. It was like a working holiday and with the only constant being their needing to support and rely on each other I thought this was a fantastic way to begin and grow their relationship.

Readers looking for a highly emotional and sexy story should be satisfied with this short story and I’m intrigued enough by the whole Mafe concept I hope to see more stories about it. Fun and sexy this was a good story.

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