A Gift To Remember by Diane Thorne

A Gift To Remember by Diane Thorne
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (103 pgs)
Other: M/F/F, F/F, Ménage
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

One man. Two women. A birthday surprise he will never forget.

Carol has spent the last five years working as an assistant for her boss, Thomas Barrett. She enjoys her job, and is a good friend to his wife, Lynn. Every year Lynn asks Carol for assistance in obtaining a gift for Thomas’s birthday. With his big fortieth arriving in a week, Carol expects she’ll need to snoop around the office for Lynn. To Carol’s surprise, Lynn already has an idea for Thomas’s present, and it’s one he will never forget.

Lynn invites Carol to join her and Thomas in a menage a trois. Although shocked, Carol considers such a rare opportunity to broaden her sexuality. But if she joins her boss and his wife in the bedroom, will Carol be able to continue a relationship with them? Moreover, can she keep her job working for Thomas?

Carol gets along well with her boss, Thomas Barrett, and his boss’s wife, Lynn. Lynn and Carol unwind together over a drink one Friday afternoon. Carol thinks it will be just a simple, social chat and a quick drink while Carol waits for Thomas to be ready for dinner. Lynn raises the fact it’ll soon be Thomas’ fortieth birthday and she wants to give him a special treat for his present. A threesome. Clearly nervous, she asks Carol whether she’d be interested in joining them. Lynn explains Thomas (like a huge proportion of men) has the fantasy of watching two women together, and then joining in. She wants to bring that fantasy to life for him, possibly even build a relationship between the three of them. But is Carol willing to take the risk?

This is a refreshing and well written story, which I found to be quite realistic. There’s no dark BDSM nightclub or sly pick up lines. It’s actually set out in such a way I can perceive it happening to people in reality. I enjoyed how the author explained this also wasn’t some snap decision on Lynn’s part. Lynn had thought quite seriously about the entire situation before broaching the subject with Carol. When Lynn puts her request forward Carol’s reaction matched what a realistic one would be to my mind, too. Curious, but with reservations.

I found the sex to be explicit but very tastefully written. I’m usually not a fan of F/F, but the first scenes with Carol and Lynn were written quite lightly. I enjoyed how the author showed us the gradual progression from platonic friends into something deeper. The author eases the reader into the change in their relationship, and that made it easier for me to read. The glances, the dwelling on different body types, then the kissing, it made me feel not like I was reading a F/F but about two women who were friendly and blossoming into more. The threesome sex was smoking hot, but still written in a very loving manner. I didn’t find this to be kinky or over-the-top. Readers who enjoy or are curious about threesome books might find this a good place to start – as the sex is explicit, but a lot of the focus is on the relationship between Thomas, Carol and Lynn, and how they manage to make this work, not just about the sex and passion between them.

I also didn’t think the F/F aspect of the story was overpowering. Yes, there’s a lot of kissing and intimacy between Lynn and Carol, but I found it to be tastefully written, and more about exploration than them creating a relationship excluding Thomas. While there was definitely a “happy for now” ending and I felt strongly that the three of them were working towards making the relationship last longer term, where the author left off did feel a little rushed. Also, the last chapter or so was the only part of the story that didn’t feel completely realistic to me. While it was logical, it felt pat, or as if the author simply wanted everything tied up neatly. This didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story though, and I’d certainly be interested in reading more about this threesome in another book or sequel.

Smoking hot threesome sex and plenty of relationship discussion, this was a realistic look on how a ménage relationship could work well in the real world.


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