A Canadian In Paris by Vicki Savage

A Canadian In Paris by Vicki Savage
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (41 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M , Ménage, Anal play
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After a messy breakup with an emotionally abusive man, Maggie Babou has all but given up on life. She climbs up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, determined to end it all. There she finds a handsome army Sergeant who convinces her to give him one night to change her mind. She follows him back to a café, where she meets his handsome French friend, and through their elaborate seduction, Maggie peels back the layers of hurt and discovers a confident, kinky side of her that she never knew existed.

Brice and Claude have made a business out of helping those in trouble, but the special needs of this beautiful, caramel-skinned stranger require a unique touch. The more they try to help, the more they see Maggie’s inner strength and courage. They quickly fall for the Canadian beauty, and after spending a night in her arms, become determined to never let her go.

After seven years together Maggie decided it was time for her and her boyfriend to take the next step – commit properly, work on their future. So a short holiday in Paris seemed like the perfect time to get this started. Only her boyfriend ditched her for a dancer in the red light district and suddenly Maggie is left floundering. Visiting the Eiffel tower, she has decided to end it all. Only she’s pulled back from the brink by a young man half her age, Brice. And when Brice introduces Maggie to Claude, she begins to feel reckless. Can Maggie find something worth living fall in the city of love?

I enjoyed this older woman/younger man/men short story. Brice and Claude were both sexy and hot, and while Maggie starts off a bit sad and unsure of herself they quickly help her find her confidence. I was a little surprised that apart from Maggie initially recognizing that Brice and Claude are both approximately half her forty years there is no mention at all about the age difference. While pleased that it wasn’t made out to be a bigger deal than it should be in this day and age, I nevertheless was a bit surprised that none of the three of them speak about it at all. While not an impediment to a short-term ménage relationship, the age difference would, I believe, make for some significant differences in both their world views, experiences and general outlooks. So I was both a bit disappointed it wasn’t even raised – let alone discussed – and also felt it lent the air of unreality to the story. I felt this would have been an excellent discussion point and lovely to see how they dealt with those differences outside the bedroom.

I also struggled a little with the pacing of this story. Being told in the first person point of view it wasn’t until some explanations right in the last couple of pages of the story that I felt a strong, good connection to Claude and Brice. Personally I like to get hooked on the characters right at the start of a story – it’s a compelling reason for me to continue reading. Oddly, in this story I was frustrated that so many questions were raised and because I couldn’t glimpse in the men’s heads I had to keep pushing through the pages and only at the very end were my questions answered. I really feel I could have enjoyed the story a lot more had I been able to glimpse better inside their heads and know where they were coming from. Similarly, at times I felt Maggie’s thoughts – particularly reflections on her past and explaining her history – slowed down the pace of the story and instead of moving forward with the sexy kisses and acting on her chemistry, her reflections on how she came to be right at that point felt a bit too much like info-dumping to my mind.

Having said that, when the ménage finally kicked into gear the sex was smoking hot and deliciously intense. Both Claude and Brice clearly and thoroughly enjoyed sharing a woman between them, and I didn’t blame Maggie a bit for lapping it all up then asking for seconds. Her two lovers were generous, talented and didn’t shy away from showing just how much they loved sharing the experience. There was a twist near the end that took me completely by surprise in a good way. I was also pleased with the happy ending and found it a satisfying conslusion to a good ménage story.

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