Winning Virgin Love

Winning Virgin Love by Destiny Blaine
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full
Other: M/F, Ménage a Quatre, F/M/M/M, M/M, Multiple Partners, Spanking
Review by Hibiscus

It’s time for another vampire bride and three sexy-hot rogues are ready to give one beautiful vixen an erotic ceremony she’ll never forget.

Almonzo Spenser’s lifemate is living under his roof. Not only is Tabitha pure hell in a short skirt but she also has some very dangerous secrets. Almonzo isn’t surprised when he finally discovers the woman he’s chosen for his life partner has a deep connection with a very dangerous clan of vampires.

Darian Sabbat is a vampire with mobster connections. He’s created a designer drug that will completely wipe away generations of vampires using the blood of one of their own.

To make matters worse, Darian will be permitted to become a part of the ménage a quatre ceremony that includes one of his most hated enemies and the lovely Tabitha whom he desperately wants to take and mark as his own.

I found Winning Virgin Love to be a fascinating story about a very complex family and their unusual way of discovering their loved ones. The story gets very complicated and many story lines unfold in this second book of the Winning Virgin Series.

I loved the character of Almonzo, who is the older twin of Orlando from the Winning Virgin Blood book. Almonzo saw his perfect mate, Tabitha, at the end of book one. Tabitha, is the little sister of Natasha, Orlando’s mate. Almonzo takes his role as future head of the Spenser family seriously. I saw how he tried to work out another second for Tabitha when the elders had made their determination. When Richart stepped in as the additional second, I loved that Almonzo showed his jealousy of the man he picked. I found Almonzo to be very loving and gentle to those he cares about. I could see the care he took in letting Tabitha take three months to make up her mind before he took matters into his own hands for the good of the family. Almonzo was everything I expected from a dark, handsome immortal.

Tabitha is a very complex character. I could see the love she had for Almonzo in everything she did, but she fought loving him because I think she did not believe she was deserving of his love. Natasha held Almonzo at bay for three months before he forced he hand. She tried everything she could to get him to not want her. Tabitha played an important part in the development of a poison to be used against vampires but she is also a key to helping the elders determine what had happened that they did not yet know. I found her to be a likable character when she let loose with all her secrets.

Darian Sabbat is a minor character who is made out to be a bad guy in the story. I believe he was a misunderstood character who cared about Tabitha in his own way and I do not think he is as evil as the story leads me to believe. There were many more detailed characters in the story. The entire Spenser clan and their love of Tabitha and each other are thoroughly written about in this second book. I saw how the family members watch out for and protect each other throughout the story.

Once again, I am left hanging with some things I wanted to know but I believe they will be cleared up in the third installment of this fascinating series that I highly recommend reading.

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