What’s your soundtrack?

Let’s face it: some sexual encounters are better than others. And if music is playing in the background during, before or after one of those world-rocking moments, you’re bound to associate the two forever after.

So I’d like to hear what song(s) get your memory–and other parts–going?
For me… one particular (unforgettable) night, Unchained Melody came on the radio at just the right time (it was in that revival period after being in Ghost). I never fail to think of “him,” and that awesome night, when I hear the opening notes of that song.
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Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


  1. I love that piece of music too. Although I enjoy music in the background, sometimes, when I write, more often than not I get so involved -either with the writing, or the struggle to get the writing to ‘work’ I forget to listen to the music.

  2. It’s the music from another Patrick Swayze movie that gets me all tingly. I love Dirty Dancing. Johnny was so sexy, and every time I hear one of the songs, I think about “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” Every woman should have that type of experience at least once in her life.

  3. Sherry, certain music works for me when I’m writing. I have different playlists for different moods/types of scenes, though. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, some great music from Dirty Dancing!

  5. Love 80s music.

  6. Dirty Dancing had a great soundtrack!

  7. I agree Dirty Dancing soundtrack, one of my favorites.

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  8. Hey Piper (my daughters name). Whenever I write I always have agroup or genre of music that pulls me in and is sort of an Anthem for the main character. So you raise a very good point about soundtracks!

  9. Yes, then that “certain” music ends up reminding me of my characters I used I wrote to it.

  10. Eric Benet and Tamia’s “Spend My Life”. It is a song that touch me to my core the first time I heard it. For me it represents everything long should be.

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