Wednesday Spotlight: Celia Yeary

To Blog Or Not to Blog-Confessions of a Blog Junkie

Almost all authors blog one way or another. Many of us have a personal blog, while others may choose only to guest blog occasionally. Either way, the author makes that choice. I shied away from blogging for a long time, but I always had it in the back of my mind as something I would love to try.

Publishers list blogging as a desired social networking tool for promotional purposes. Agreed? Even though the idea seemed easy enough on first glance, I quaked in my boots, terrified no one would read my blog, let alone take a quick peek at it. Once the idea became firmly implanted in my brain, I could think of nothing else until I made the decision. In the meantime, I became a Blog Junkie—and I admit I still am. I can’t tell you how many blogspot or wordpress posts I’ve read, or at least studied briefly. I’ll read just about anyone’s blog—if I have the time.

Yes, of course, I have a blog, titled Celia Yeary-Romance…and a little bit ’o Texas. I invented this tagline after scanning, oh, probably hundreds of blogs. Each author has something unique, and while their tagline doesn’t play a role in my like or dislike of her blog, it does tell me something about that particular person as a writer.

The fact is I never met a blog I didn’t like.

Celia Yeary

Romance…and a little bit o’ Texas

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  1. Glad your blogs work out for you, Celia.

  2. Celia– I am another blog junky. I started my own blog a couple years ago and posted a lot of stories and pictures of my traveling.

    My tag line is: If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy my international romances. I will take you around the world through stories that simmer with emotion and sizzle with heat~

    But recently I realized that you can’t do it all–at least I can’t do it all–blogging was taking the place of writing. I cut on my blogging time to go back to writing a new book.

  3. I confess I have to tear myself away from blogs so I can work on my WIP. They’re always calling to me. Wish I had more time to visit them all.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. That’s lovely, Celia and I like the lyrical title of your own blog – it’s always so friendly and colourful and fun, too!

    My titles are Lindsay’s Bookchat and Lindsay’s Romantics (aka the pink blog.)I keep wondering about setting up a historical blog but maybe that’s just too much…

  5. Celia, blogging is fun, but like Morgan, I have to tear myself away to work on my WIP! Another challenge can be coming up with things to write so I have “theme” days and if I’m able to blog on those days, I do. It works for me. And I do think blogging is a great way to promo. I love your tag line – I think it sums up you as a writer. Mine? Romance Under the Moonlight since I love to use the moon in my writing.


  6. Thanks, Linda–so far it does. Celia

  7. MONA–I’ve been to your blog, and it’s a good one. I write a blog once a week–I cna’t do it everyday, and I don’t know why anyone would want to know what I have to say that much. Mine are a little like yours–a tale or story or something you’ve done. I’m glad you admitted you’re a junkie, too!! Celia

  8. MORGAN–your blogs are great. And yes, I do have to limit myself or I’d be running all over the place reading blogs and commenting. So many blog, so little time! Celia

  9. LINDSAY–thank you. Oh, I’ve considered having three blog–each one concentrating on one area. Then I realized that was a silly idea, but still….maybe……Celia

  10. THANK YOU, STEPH–it is fun–that’s why I do it. If I see someone say “here’s my new blog”–I’ll pop over there just to see what this person will do with her blog.Celia

  11. Hi, Celia,

    I really enjoy your blog so I’m glad took the best of all you saw and read and started your own! I have one blog with three running themes, and two more that have broken off from that one. But Morgan is right. Sometimes it’s hard to tear yourself away from reading blogs and blogging to work on your WIP.

    Liana Laverentz

  12. LIANA–I know, and I love your blogs. Really, I can find lots of things to keep me busy rather than working on my WIP(s). Must be this summer heat. My brain isn’t working like it does in the cooler months. I need a vacation. Celia

  13. I enjoy reading everyone’s blog too, Celia. As you said, it’s just a matter of finding the time. But I know how much it means to have someone stop by since I’m a bit of a blogger myself. Great post!

  14. MAEVE–thank you. Yes, I know you’re a great blogger, too. I always try to leave a message when I read one–or at least scan. Often I’ll read and don’t say anything, but, yes, it does mean a lot to the blogger to read a reply. Celia

  15. Hi Celia, I’m a day late on this one, but I love your blog and wanted to tell you so again. I enjoy reading others’ blogs and being a guest on blogs but I just don’t have the time or know-how to start my own. Maybe some day…

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