Warrior in a Box by Eliza Knight

Warrior In A Box by Author: Eliza Knight
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal (Time Travel)
Length: Short (48 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Lainie Shaw, travel writer, workaholic, has no time for men. Even if she did, no man could match up to the one in her imagination. A man who makes her blood heat, her body weep and her heart clench with love. Instead, she is almost content drooling over sexy paintings of highland warriors while working in Inverness, Scotland. An unexpected purchase in the way of an antique box delivers the man of her dreams right at Lainie’s feet. Her wildest fantasies are realized when the highlander shows her up close and personal what he doesn’t wear under his kilt. Not only do they click physically, but emotionally, Lainie finds herself falling hard and fast for this sensual, sweep her off her feet, man from the past.

Having given up on finding the man of her dreams, travel writer Lainie Shaw is on a trip in Scotland when she is quiet taken with a handsome man in a painting. She soon purchases a box carved over 400 years ago from a mysterious old woman who gives her a cryptic message about the contents. Imagine her surprise when the contents–an antique brooch–bring Donell MacDuff, the man from the painting, to her. Both believe they are dreaming and are in for a surprise as they realize that Donell has actually traveled from the past. As Donell tries to adjust to life in the modern world, the two grow closer and share a wonderful passion, but worry about how those in the past are getting on without him.

This was a wonderful story that I enjoyed immensely. I really liked Lainie and Donell and loved how their relationship developed as they shared a great chemistry and bond. The time travel aspect of the story was fun and really added to this touching romance. I felt this story had great potential for a full-length story and I wish it had been longer. I do feel that some aspects were a bit glossed over because of the length and I would have loved to have seen glimpses of Donell in the past, but despite this, it was a great story. Warrior in a Box was a pleasant escape and I look forward to the next in this series.

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